Disgaea 7 Episode 7 Boss Fight Big Bull Targeted
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How to beat the Episode 1 boss in Disgaea 7

I'm warning you, you're gonna need these tips.

Disgaea 7 continues the long-running series by introducing a new Netherworld and a hero obsessed with bushido. The quest will throw a team of adventurers against one powerful demon adversary after another, and even the first episode’s boss can prove surprisingly difficult. Here is our guide telling you how to beat the Episode 1 boss in Disgaea 7.

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Disgaea 7 – how to beat the Episode 1 boss

At the end of Episode 1, you’ll need to beat a fearsome boss: Big Bull. He has trained extensively, so that his armor is virtually impenetrable, and he’s proud of the fact. However, you can still eliminate him. To beat Big Bull, the Episode 1 boss, you must deactivate a Geo Symbol and then have Fuji enter Hell Mode to strike a fatal blow.

Disgaea 7 Episode 7 Boss Fight Divine Kanzan Skill

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Sizing up the situation

When attempting to beat the Episode 1 boss, the main enemy you need to worry about is Big Bull himself. The fight ends the minute you beat him. Any other enemies and targets on the field are a distraction. Unfortunately, they’re a distraction that can end you if you don’t deal with them appropriately. One distraction you can’t afford to ignore is a Geo Symbol positioned at the far end of the field. It adds an unwelcome effect to blue Geo Panel spaces: Enemy Boost +50%.

From the start of this particular battle, Fuji is capable of entering Hell Mode. In Hell Mode, Fuji gains access to additional special moves, including Divine Kanzan. A single hit with that move should be enough to beat the boss, but it only works if you first eliminate the blue Geo Panel. Otherwise, Big Bull’s defensive rating is too high. If you don’t eliminate Big Bull in one hit, you’ve almost certainly lost the battle.

Disgaea 7 Episode 7 Boss Fight Green Geo Panels

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Making your move

Your goal in the battle is to keep Fuji alive long enough for him to hit Big Bull. That fact means you need to complete two steps:

  1. Eliminate the Geo Panel
  2. Beat Big Bull

At the start of the battle, have Fuji rush forward and eliminate the two enemies directly ahead of the starting point. This shouldn’t pose any risk. Have any healers follow just behind Fuji to ensure he remains healthy. The green Geo Panel spaces also apply a DEF + 50% effect. He can safely tend to any enemies along that strip while remaining out of the range of tougher foes.

After eliminating the first enemies, take out the blue Geo Symbol. You might accomplish this in a few different ways. If you have leveled up some characters with ranged attacks available, send one of them ahead to destroy the Geo Symbol. Use a weaker character to throw your ranged attacker within range.

Note that there are two archers to deal with besides Big Bull. If they attack before you remove the Geo Symbol, it’s going to hurt. Technically, you can even throw Fuji ahead to eliminate the panel. However, he may not survive to the next round. It’s not worth the risk unless you have no choice, even though it might work out for you (see the next screenshot).

Disgaea 7 Episode 7 Boss Fight Geo Symbol Rush

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Beating the boss

After the Geo Symbol is gone, mind the archers as you rush Big Bull. They still inflict a lot of damage and can one-shot weaker characters. That’s why it was a good idea to have ranged attackers in place.

Send Fuji directly at Big Bull when you’re ready to end things. Enter Hell Mode and use the Divine Kanzan ability. Even if you haven’t leveled Fuji up a lot, the skill should be enough to take out Big Bull in one turn. I managed to defeat the boss without stopping to level grind in any stages leading up to the boss battle, so it’s quite doable.

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