Is it possible to fight bosses again in Dave the Diver?

How to beat the Wolf Eel in Dave the Diver

Is it a wolf? Is it an Eel? It's Sushi!

Who doesn’t dream of being a slightly portly, deep-sea harpoon fisherman/restaurant owner/sea people negotiator? Well, now, thanks to MINTROCKET, all your wishes are granted. Dave the Diver ticks all those boxes nobody has even dared to fill in this stunning 8-bit game that’s taken Steam reviews by storm. Dave the Diver takes to the ocean to befriend and battle the depths, taking his bounty above the waves to make delicious dishes. One of the many challenges faced by our wetsuit hero is a battle with the Wolf Eel, but how is it possible that Dave the Diver survives?

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How to beat the Wolf Eel in Dave the Diver

After shifting some rocks with Dave the Divers‘ fancy new gloves, you will now be faced with a monstrous boss battle. The huge Wolf Eel comes out of nowhere to try to ruin your day. The mega Eel has a wide range of attacks that can only really be avoided with some pretty nifty flipper work and by clinging on to dear life to the environment. The Wolf Eel will use three attacks on Dave the Diver; each needs to be countered in its own way.

Wolf Eel Vacuum

This move comes from the right and will pull you into the Wolf Eels’ mouth. It is possible to avoid it by grabbing onto the hanging anchors that dangle from the ceiling. You need to preempt this move and get yourself close to one of them. Once you have grabbed on, be ready to hammer the spacebar to stay connected.

Wolf Eel Dave The Diver

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Background charge

Once the Wolf Eel has made its suction attack, it’s going to charge you from the back of the arena. Wait for it to appear, and get ready to dash out of the way when it charges in. I found that waiting until it locked you in, then dashing, was the best way to stay out of the way.

Wiggly Wolf Eel attack

This is a tricky one to gauge and even harder to avoid. Next, the Wolf Eel will wave from the top of the screen to the bottom, damaging everything it touches. It is almost impossible to avoid, so I would recommend just getting the hits in while you can. You’re going to get Dave the Diver hurt anyway.

Dave the Diver’s attack stage

Once the three moves have been performed, the Wolf Eel will retreat before it starts again. If you’re still good on health and ammo, take this time to attack the glowing green tail that’s on display. Pay attention; this is the weak spot. Finally, hit it with everything you have and pray it is enough to defeat the Wolf Eel in Dave the Diver.

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