How to claim free Cerim armor in No Rest for the Wicked
Image: Moon Studios

How to claim free Cerim armor in No Rest for the Wicked

You won't want to miss out on this epic armor set.

No Rest for the Wicked is an action role-playing game that allows players to create unique builds through various weapons, armor, abilities, and more. Moon Studios has recently announced the free Grim armor set, and this guide details how to claim it.

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No Rest for the Wicked: How to get the Cerim armor

Claiming the Grim armor set in No Rest for the Wicked is as easy as participating in the game’s early access period. The official No Rest for the Wicked Twitter account has confirmed this, describing it as a small “thank you gift” from the developers.

Are you on the fence? Check out the post below showcasing the excellent design of the Grim armor, which may help you make up your mind.

Looks pretty awesome, right? I will definitely participate in the early access period, not only because No Rest for the Wicked is my most anticipated game this year, but also because I want to rock the Cerim armor set on day one.

No Rest for the Wicked early access start date and price

No Rest for the Wicked early access begins on April 18, 2024, on Steam. It will run to the game’s official launch, which is currently undetermined. Unfortunately, early access won’t be available on Xbox and PlayStation, leaving a good chunk of the player base in the dust. There has been no word on when No Rest for the Wicked will be released on consoles.

If you’re interested in playing the game in early access, it will cost you $39.99. This may seem like a high price point for a game currently in development, but Moon Studios has showcased the early access roadmap, which looks pretty great. For example, the devs have promised multiplayer, an update called “The Breach,” and more updates down the road. Additionally, Steam mentions PVP, adding even more of a reason to spend the money to participate in this early game build.

For more information about No Rest for the Wicked’s development, visit our official roadmap guide, where we explain everything you need to know in detail.

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