Ea Sports Fc 24 Hybrid Leagues
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How to complete Hybrid Leagues SBC in EA Sports FC 24

Time to get those great SBC rewards.

EA Sports FC 24 is the first game in the new EA Sports FC series that EA Sports produces, which used to be known as FIFA. This game introduces a bunch of new elements like Evolutions in Ultimate Team, but a lot of it is refined elements of the FIFA games. One example of this is the tweaking of Squad Battles to have four minute halves instead of six minutes. SBCs are a staple of the EA Sports football games at this point, and one of the most fun things to actually do in the game, as it involves you figuring out a puzzle to complete these challenges that are added as the game’s life cycle goes on. Some of the ones introduced at the start of the game can be hard though, therefore, here’s our guide on how to complete the Hybrid Leagues SBC in EA Sports FC 24.

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How to complete Hybrid Leagues SBC in EA Sports FC 24

The Hybrid Leagues SBC group is a pretty tough one to complete if you don’t know the tricks to doing it. The main trick with this SBC group is to use players with a nationality that has a lot of players in various different leagues around the world. This means you can get as many different leagues in as possible, and hopefully avoid some of the expensive cards that might crop up from these early SBCs by having a multitude of players for you to choose from.

Really, you should also try and keep costs down by trying to avoid buying players and using what’s in your club. When you need to buy a player,  try keeping the price reasonable. I did the entirety of this SBC group for around 20 thousand coins, which sounds like a lot, but I don’t have an extensive club yet due to the amount of playtime I have, so if you’ve built your club out, this will be way easier and cheaper for you. Let’s talk through each and every puzzle in the Hybrid Leagues SBC group individually though, and how I did them.

Give Me Five

Give Me Five

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For this section of the Hybrid Leagues SBC group in EA Sports FC 24, I decided to use mainly French and Spanish players. Thanks to this section only needing five different leagues however, the Premier League and La Liga became my mains for this one. This one is absolutely the one where you can experiment with your ideas and there’s a bunch of different options for this one.

Seven-League Boots

Ea Sports Fc 24 Seven

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Once again, for this section of the Hybrid Leagues SBC in EA Sports FC 24 I used French players. Again, this one is pretty fluid as you only need seven different leagues. This one can be a bit tricky due to the one chem point on each player requirement, which is why I personally decided to use mostly French players, and players from a shared league if they weren’t French to get a link. Like using three Premier League players to get a chem point on each of the Premier League players.

The Whole Nine Yards

Ea Sports Fc 24 Nine leagues

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In the third section of the Hybrid Leagues SBC group in EA Sports FC 24, I once again opted for French players. This time trying to use some different ones to highlight how flexible this option is when it comes to making these SBC solutions. Thanks to the 21 chemistry requirement here, you can really experiment with the players and use players that aren’t corresponding to the theme you’re using for the SBC, like how I have three non-French players here, just to fill the league quota and I’m still over on chemistry.

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First XI, the final section of the Hybrid Leagues SBC group in EA Sports FC 24

Ea Sports Fc 24 Eleven leagues

This one is usually the SBC in the Hybrid Leagues group that really confuses people in EA Sports FC 24, but thanks to the addition of many more leagues this year, this one is actually pretty easy. Usually, there’s only a couple options, but this year I found three options in my first three attempts at trying this SBC. I ended up going with France again, purely to show how flexible that option is and it seemed to be the cheapest. But you could do this with other countries like Brazil and Argentina, which are two that I tested.

EA Sports FC 24 is available for purchase on Steam, and you can check out our other articles here.

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