How to complete Retrieve Valuable Data mission in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Upload Data Via Local Relay Mission
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The hardest mission I’ve played so far in Helldivers 2 is called Retrieve Valuable Data. I’ve since completed this mission many times, which puts me in a great position to guide you through it.

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There are three steps to completing the upload data via local relay mission in Helldivers 2. First, you need to find the SSSD hard drive which is the encrypted hard drive. Then, you need to carry the SSSD to the correct terminal and upload the data. Finally, you need to enter the correct terminal inputs and align the relay satellite dish. Here’s how to do all of that.

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How to find the encrypted hard drive in Helldivers 2

First, you need to find the encrypted hard drive. This is the small laptop with the arrow pointing down icon on the map. It should be orange, indicating that you need to go here first.

Once there, interact with the terminal. Input the correct directions, wait for it to load, and, eventually, the encrypted hard drive will appear. This is called the SSSD hard drive in-game.

How to upload data via local relay in Helldivers 2

Here comes the tricky part. With the SSSD hard drive in hand, you need to carry it over to the main relay station which is the laptop with the arrow pointing up icon on the map. This icon should now be orange as it’s your current objective.

You can’t shoot while carrying the SSSD hard drive, so make sure you have teammates around to shoot any nearby bugs. You can drop it to shoot, just make sure you pick it back up when you’re ready to go. I made the mistake of dropping the SSSD hard drive in the water, which required me to go back to the first station and repeat step one.

How to align the relay satellite dish in Helldivers 2

Align The Relay Dish In Helldivers 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve arrived at the relay station, place the SSSD hard drive in the terminal. Input the correct directions on the terminal and you’ll get the relay satellite dish section. I thought this part of the mission was so difficult that I made an entire guide to help you through it.

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Basically, you need to manually move the relay satellite dish by cranking the wheel at its base. The direction needs to match the direction notated on the terminal. This part is much easier with a teammate or two.

Once that is done, you can make your way to the exfil site because you’ve completed the mission. Nice job! Knowing how to complete missions is half the battle — you also need to make sure you’re working with the best guns.

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