Fire Emblem Engage Ring Chamber
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In Fire Emblem Engage, characters equip powerful rings to bond with Emblems and learn new weapon proficiencies and abilities. There are only 12 such rings available, but you can have the Emblems create Bond rings for secondary characters. Bond rings have different ranks, and the ones with an S rank can be downright useful. Here’s our guide on how to craft an S Bond ring in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to craft an S Bond ring in Fire Emblem Engage

Each character can equip one Emblem ring at a time. They can exchange rings freely outside of combat. However, some rings are perfect for a particular character. You don’t want to pass them around more than necessary. Instead, create Bond rings to fill in any gaps. Bond rings at S rank sometimes even grant special abilities.

To craft an S Bond ring, meld duplicate rings at lower ranks. Rings start with a C ranking. Combine two rings at rank C to create one ring at rank B. Then combine three rings at rank B to create one ring at rank A. Finally, combine four rings at rank A to create one ring at S rank. Each meld costs Bond Fragments. To combine four rings at A rank into a single ring at S rank, you must spend a whopping 10,000 Bond Fragments.

Fire Emblem Engage Meld Bond Rings

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Melding Bond rings (and paying to draw additional ones) is a costly endeavor. The most affordable way to acquire S-rank Bond rings is to create 10 of them at a time at the Central Pedestal in the Ring Chamber. The cost is 1,000 Bond Fragments each time, which is the same expense as if you create rings individually. However, you are much more likely to produce an S-rank ring.

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Ring Creation

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You can greatly increase the speed with which you acquire S-rank rings by using a tedious but effective exploit.

First, save your progress in the Ring Chamber in The Somniel. Then access the pedestal and spend 1,000 Bond Fragments to create 10 rings at once. If one of the resulting rings has an S rank, either keep it and save your progress, or reload your save file and select a different Emblem to create a different S-rank ring.

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Ring S Rank With Ability

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If you create 10 rings at once and you don’t produce an S-rank ring of any kind, reload your save file. Then travel to the World Map, access the next Chapter, and skip through any preamble. Once you have the option to select your units, choose “Back” to return to The Somniel. Visit the Ring Chamber again and save your progress. Then create 10 more rings at once at the pedestal to see if you produce an S-rank ring.

Each time you initiate a new story-related chapter, the number of rings you must create to “randomly” produce an S-rank ring changes. The above exploit allows you to secure an S-rank ring for every 1,000 Bond Fragments you spend.

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