How To Defeat The Riven Twins In No Rest For The Wicked
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How to defeat The Riven Twins in No Rest for the Wicked

A two-in-one deadly encounter.

The Riven Twins is one of the final boss fights during Act 1 and is certainly a tough battle to beat. We’ll help you figure out how to defeat The Riven Twins in No Rest for the Wicked.

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No Rest for the Wicked: How to defeat The Riven Twins

While completing the quest “Servant of God,” you’re tasked with taking care of The Riven Twins. These conjoined twins have slow but heavy attacks, their long weapon can reach you from afar, and their spinning attack makes it difficult to dodge. You can beat The Riven Twins in No Rest for the Wicked by having a fast or normal weight class for quick dodging and increasing your Stamina stat.

Change weight class and increase Stamina

I’m in the normal weight class, meaning that my dodges are rolls. If you’re in a light weight class, you’ll have a quickstep as a dodge. Both of these are great for this fight since you want to dodge fast before the next swing comes your way. I never found a parry opportunity in this fight. If you’re carrying too much, change your armor and weapons to weigh less.

How To Defeat The Riven Twins In No Rest For The Wicked Dodge
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Between these moments of swinging their weapon, lay in around two to three hits. Spamming the attack button too often will open you up to getting hit, so take your time with this fight. I’d recommend you take a Stamina consumable to increase your Stamina for a limited amount of time.

Also, at this point, my Stamina stat was upgraded heavily, which is crucial for this game’s combat system. The more Stamina you have, the more times you can hit an enemy without taking a break.

The Riven Twins’ combat maneuvers

How To Defeat The Riven Twins In No Rest For The Wicked Stamina
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The thing about NRFTW is that all your hits matter, and if you spam the attack button that can leave you open to getting hit. The Riven Twins are slower than most bosses but can surprise you with a few fast attacks. Their main attack will swing widely in a 180-degree arc. Just like playing jump rope, dodge across it right as it’s about to hit you to avoid it.

You’ll have to do this a few times in a row once they start to spin in a circle, forcing you to continuously dodge it each time their weapon crosses your path. I circled in the opposite direction and timed each dodge, don’t even try to get an attack on them at this point. If you mess up you’ll stagger, causing you to fall to the ground and get hit by the next time the weapon comes your way.

How To Defeat The Riven Twins In No Rest For The Wicked Purple Poison
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The Riven Twins also have a purple poison move halfway through the fight. They’ll throw exploding pustules at you, which are easy to dodge if you’re paying attention. Once poisoned, your health will degrade, so avoid them at all costs.

There are many moments to get hits on them, but get too close and The Riven Twins will stomp on you. You’ll also want to dodge whenever they slam their weapon into the ground which causes mini earthquakes around you.

Once you finally defeat The Riven Twins, you’ll complete this quest and move on to the endgame section of Act 1! Otherwise, if you’re looking for other quests to tackle, have you found the Western Bridge Key and rescued the Innkeeper’s husband yet?

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