Delete Charcater Peroxide
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How to delete/wipe a character in Roblox Peroxide

Dead and buried.

Sometimes the best thing to do is burn everything to the ground and start again. If you feel like you want a new character in Roblox Peroxide, you will have to delete or wipe your old one.

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How to delete a character in Roblox Peroxide

If you want to start fresh in Roblox Peroxide for some reason, you can completely wipe your character. This will allow you to change race and gender and begin again with all your stats. The process is simple: You just need to talk to Nurse Ari in Karakura’s Hospital, located in The City.

You should look for the notice boards in The City and, with your back to them, head straight forward. As you cross the road, you will see the large hospital on your left. You can enter here and talk to the Nurse to completely delete your character in Peroxide.

Wipe Delete Charcater In Peroxide
Image: KaRam/YouTube

Be aware that you can’t undo this, and it will reset all your game progress. You will have to pay 250 Yen to wipe your old character progress in Peroxide, and it can only be done after two days. Make sure you are certain that you want to go through with this, as it will require you to start from scratch and make the whole journey through your levels again.

What else can Nurse Ari do?

Nurse Ari also offers several other services surrounding your save file. By talking to her, it is also possible to switch genders for 1,000 Yen or become a random race for 250 Yen. If you have a curse or Vizard/Vaso, then it is also possible to have these removed for free.

By changing race or gender, it is possible to explore new routes in the game. Every race plays differently in Peroxide, just as every build plays differently, so if you think you have pushed yours to the limit, try deleting your old character and starting fresh.

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