How To Emote In Nightingale
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How to emote in Nightingale

Show some emotion.

If you’re playing with your friends in Nightingale but want to pull off a cool maneuver, we’ll show you how to emote.

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Emoting in video games is a whole other form of communication, and Nightingale offers players a wide range of emotes. Here’s how to do it.

Nightingale: How to emote

Let’s say you’re in a Realm with a friend or two and want to perform a quick move to show how you feel, or perhaps you’re in a Public Realm with a stranger and want to be friendly. You can emote in Nightingale by holding the Z key and picking an emote from the emote wheel.

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Holding the Z key will show you a total of 10 diverse emotes you can perform, and if you’re in first-person, it’ll instantly switch to third-person mode to show you what you’re emoting. You can emote typical things like yes, no, and shrugging. These can be useful in circumstances where you don’t want to talk in chat but would rather emote your answer.

But there are also fun emotes like doing a pirouette, tipping your hat, and even saluting. While they don’t have many practical uses, these emotes fit with the Victorian era that the lore is based upon. Instead of just waving hello, why don’t you tip your hat to be polite?

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Point to the emote you want to perform around the wheel using your mouse, then release the “Z” key to perform it. Since Nightingale is in Early Access, we could see more emotes in the future before it fully releases.

But the emote wheel looks jam-packed with both useful and fun emotes so far, so perhaps that’ll be it. My favorite has to be the pirouette or relevé, they both fit the time period but are silly enough to be sort of like Fortnite’s dance emotes.

Can you cancel emotes in Nightingale?

Make sure no enemies are nearby while you’re doing it since you can’t cancel an emote while performing it. After testing it out, I realized that once you choose the emote, you cannot cancel it by pressing any of the keyboard keys or mouse buttons. But otherwise, you’re free to perform these emotes at any time.

While typing in chat or talking through voice chat is a lot easier than emoting everything, it’s still a fun addition to the game. Speaking of playing with friends, if you want to know how to play Nightingale co-op, we have a guide on how to do it.

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