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How to evolve all units in Anime Last Stand

More items equals more power.

When you pick up a great new unit to use in Anime Last Stand, it is always worth putting in the time and effort to evolve it. This will make them infinitely more powerful and make the game much easier.

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How to evolve in Anime Last Stand

Evolving is a crucial part of progression in Anime Last Stand, but every unit requires different things to evolve. The higher the evolution, the more resources and items you will need. Usually, these resources are pretty easy to get, but they will require some grinding.

Not all units evolve in Anime Last Stand, so you should check whenever you pull a new one. Simply open up your Units list and scroll to your chosen unit. Hover over the name and look for the Evolve option. By clicking on this, you will be able to see just what you need to evolve the unit. These items will be obtained through challenges and story mode.

Evolve Anime Last Stand
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All Units evolve items

  • Evolve (Curse King) Sukuna – 12 Cursed Fingers obtained from Challenges.
  • Evolve (Strongest Sourcerer) Gojo – 25 Common Spirit Shards, six Eyes found in challenges.
  • Evolve Drip Zami – 5 Lami Clouds, 10 Lami Staffs found in Water Park 6 story.
  • Evolve Flash – Tors Headband, Spirit Shards, Tors Cloak found in Desert Village 6 Story.
  • Evolve Boku – Halo found in Namek Act 6 story mode.
  • The Trio – Halo, Wish Balls – Obtainable through Namek Act 6.
  • Vagata – Mean symbol found in Namek Act 6.
  • Robot 12 – Candy obtained through Challenge mode.
  • Choin – Emperor Cloak found in the Hell City Raid.
  • Sunwoo – Wolf Slayer found in the Hell City Raid.

To evolve all of these units in Anime Last Stand you will have to grind out their respective challenges. There is only a chance that the items will drop, so it may take a little time and patience. Make sure to check your unit list to see what each one needs.

As the game changes and updates, more units will be added that can be evolved. Keep an eye on your favorites and the update notes. If you’re into your Roblox fighting games, check some of these out too.

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