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How to find and use Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits

Time to fight.

Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits is an item used for a few very specific purposes in the game. It is a difficult item to find, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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Where to find Fist of Darkness

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits, you will need to have access to the Second Sea. It can only be found in this area in either chests or from killing a Sea Beast. It will only spawn in one random chest every four hours, so I suggest trying to get it through the Sea Beast method.

The item is not a guaranteed drop, so you may have to kill a few Sea Beasts in the Second Sea. The only way to summon a Sea Beast is to sit in your boat and wait. Of course, you can also summon them, but this will result in a Sea Beast that can’t drop items.

Sea Beast Blox Fruits
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How to use Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits

Now that you have acquired the item, you may be wondering what to do with it. You can’t put it in your inventory, and it will disappear on death. So, you have to use it as soon as you can. The main use for the Fist of Darkness is to summon Darkbeard.

Head north of the Kindom of Rose and in front of the Ice Castle to find the Dark Arena. Here you can use the Fist of Darkness to initiate the Darkbeard boss fight. Once defeated, everyone who did at least 10% damage to him will receive around $50,000, f1500, three levels, and a Dark Fragment. The fight is well worth it.

However, there is also a second use for the Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits. It can be inserted into the center of the Secret Laboratory in Hot and Cold. This will give the chance of receiving a Core Brain which can be used in the Cyborg Race. This is a step in the Cyberg quest line.

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