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How to find, tame, and breed the Pyromane in Ark Survival Ascended

We got Ghost Rider cat in Ark before GTA 6.

The Pyromane is the stunning new creature added to Ark Survival Ascended alongside The Center. They are incredibly useful and powerful, although many will be having trouble taming them.

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Note that you must have the Fantastic Tames – Pyromane DLC to access these features. Pyromanes will still spawn in all Ark Survival Ascended maps, although you won’t be able to tame them.

Pyromane spawn points in Ark Survival Ascended

Pyromanes will spawn on two of the three current Ark Survival Ascended maps in the game. The following areas are the only spots I’ve seen Pyromanes spawn. I can’t find them anywhere else.

In the Scorched Earth map, you’ll find Pyromanes in what’s commonly called the World Scar, where the Wyverns spawn. You’ll find this giant ravine along the west side of the map. They’ll be prowling along the bottom, making them super difficult to obtain.

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In The Center map, you’ll find Pyromanes everywhere on the northern volcanic island. They’ll spawn across all of the islands, although I’ve found most near the coast.

Pyromanes don’t seem to spawn in The Island map, as I can’t find them anywhere near lava, not even in the volcano. So it’s safe to say that The Island is Pyromane-free.

Now that you know where to find a Pyromane, let’s talk business with taming them.

How to tame the Pyromane in Ark Survival Ascended

Taming Pyromanes in Ark Survival Ascended is fun if a little stressful. Pyromanes are powerful, which makes them great mounts. To tame them in the first place, you’ll need to face that fiery fury.

To survive taking some hits from the Pyromanes, you’ll need some good armor. The Primitive Flak range is the least that you’ll want to be wearing for the taming process. You can use any weapon you see fit, although you’ll want a powerful one, like the shotgun, to make light work of the creature’s own armor.

To tame the Pyromane, firstly, get it’s attention. They’ve pretty good senses so will spot you from a decent distance. Once they’re chasing you, make sure to rush to the closest body of water. The Pyromane will happily chase you in, where it’ll get doused.

Ark Survival Ascended Pyromane
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For Scorched Earth, considering there is no water in the World Scar, your only realistic option is to remove the Pyromane out of the ravine by using a Wyvern to pick it up.

Being doused will allow you to ride the Pyromane, but you’ll first need to attack it until the ride prompt appears.

The moment you mount the Pyromane, you need to be ready.

You will have 30 seconds to defeat a creature whilst on the Pyromane. Upon doing so, you’ll absorb its… fire? Soul? Essence? Whatever it is, it’ll make the Pyromane happy and will fill up a new meter above your hot bar.

It’ll be your job to fill that meter by killing creatures. With every creature slain, the 30-second timer will also reset. If you don’t kill enough creatures before the timer expires, the Pyromane will kick you off, and you’ll have to wait five minutes before you can ride it again.

Upon completing the task, the Pyromane will be tamed.

How to breed the Pyromane in Ark Survival Ascended

Breeding Pyromanes should not be different from breeding any other creature in Ark Survival Ascended. However, if you’re having difficulties, it is likely because Pyromane breeding is currently bugged.

Studio Wildcard have stated that they are working on a huge patch for The Center which will include fixing Pyromane breeding. When this patch will be rolled out is another issue entirely, however.

So hold off Pyromane breeding until the patch comes out.

Now that you know all about the Pyromane in Ark Survival Ascended, you can go spelunking in The Center caves with ease.

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