Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops
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How to fix Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops not working

Having trouble getting into the beta?

Arena Breakout Infinite, the free-to-play alternative to Escape From Tarkov, is blowing up on Twitch because there are thousands of closed beta keys being given away via Twitch Drops.

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How to Claim Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops

Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops work just like any other Twitch Drop campaign. As long as you watch any participating stream for 60 minutes, you’ll be granted beta access to Arena Breakout Infinite. The stream window must be active and unmuted for this to work, and you can check your current progress in the Twitch Drops menu.

Since there are a ton of players desperately trying to claw their way into the closed beta for the F2P extraction shooter, there are a few issues popping up with the code redemption process and players are experiencing longer than usual wait times when trying to get their accounts whitelisted for the beta test.

Some Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops reward Steam keys for the closed beta, while other campaigns reward non-Steam keys that can’t be redeemed on Steam. Both grant access to the closed beta, but the redemption process is different. Pay attention to what type of code you receive when you get your Twitch Drop. Make sure your Level Infinite Pass account is linked to your Twitch account, too.

How to Fix Arena Breakout Beta Twitch Drops Not Working

If you received an Arena Breakout Infinite closed beta key from Twitch Drops and you’re having trouble activating it to start playing, then try these solutions. Firstly, make sure your Level Infinite Pass and Twitch accounts are linked so the correct account can be whitelisted for the beta.

Secondly, you’ll have to be patient since every account must be manually whitelisted by the developers to grant them beta access. While Morefun Studios has struggled with this in the past, it is now committed to activating everyone’s accounts within 24 hours. Wait a full day after activating your beta code before trying to play.

Since Twitch Drop keys are automatically tied to your Level Infinite Pass account whenever you earn them, you’ll get beta access eventually as long as you have the correct accounts linked. The activation process is what’s causing issues for most people since they don’t realize that there’s a waiting period. Twitch Drops are the only way left to get closed beta keys for Arena Breakout Infinite, though, so it’s still better than nothing.

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