Fortnite Festival Billie Eilish Season 3
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How to fix Fortnite Festival quests not working

Some Fortnite Festival quests aren't tracking properly.

New Fortnite Festival quests drop every season to give players a way to level up the Festival Pass, but sometimes they don’t track like they’re supposed to. All Fortnite game modes tend to have issues with quest tracking, but Festival is usually the most affected.

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Thankfully, Epic Games typically communicates quickly with the community when issues pop up with Fortnite Festival quests, especially toward the beginning of a new season. If you’re trying to level up your Fortnite Festival Pass to unlock artists like Billie Eilish, then here’s what you can do to fix your quests.

How to Fix Fortnite Festival Quests Not Tracking

Fortnite Festival Pass Season 3
Image: Epic Games

If Fortnite Festival quests aren’t tracking when you play songs and complete challenges, then there’s unfortunately nothing you can do except wait for Epic Games to issue a fix. Quest progress is sometimes awarded retroactively after the problem is fixed, too, so your efforts might not be for nothing after all.

Currently, Fortnite Festival season three has just launched featuring Billie Eilish and players are desperately trying to unlock her and the associated Festival Pass rewards like Jam Tracks by completing quests. Some season three challenges, like the new Ramp It Up quests, aren’t being tracked properly. This is a known issue and Epic Games is working to address it.

Epic Games typically fixes these problems within a day or two, so there shouldn’t be too long of a wait for the Fortnite Festival quests to be fixed. In the meantime, there’s a ton of new content available in the latest Fortnite update. While you’re waiting for Fortnite Festival fixes, why don’t you check out the new farming update in LEGO Fortnite? You can now tame animals and add them to your village permanently to farm valuable resources like wool, eggs, and fertilizer.

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