How to fix MultiVersus Twitch drops not showing up
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How to fix MultiVersus Twitch Drops not working

Where are my Twitch rewards?

If you are a fan of the WB characters in MultiVersus, then you are more than likely trying to receive Twitch Drops to add more style to your gameplay. A ton of players are having trouble receiving their Twitch Drops for MultiVersus, so we created this guide detailing possible fixes.

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How to claim MultiVersus Twitch Drops

Before we get into possible fixes for Twitch Drops not working properly in MultiVersus, it’s important to make sure you have set up your account correctly. It’s very possible that you skipped a crucial step when setting up your account, which could be preventing you from receiving the Twitch rewards. Follow the steps we have laid out for you below.

  1. Head to the Warner Bros Games Website and create a WB Games account.
  2. Select the Connections page and link the console you’re playing MultiVersus on.
  3. Select “Connect” and then “Continue.”
  4. A window will open, asking you to sign in or create a Twitch account.
  5. After entering your Twitch information, select “Authorize” to allow WB Games to connect to your Twitch account.
  6. Head over to your Twitch Drops inventory and claim your rewards.

After following these steps, the next time you launch MultiVersus, your rewards will be available in the cosmetics inventory for your characters. If the Twitch Drops don’t show up, return to the Twitch Drops page and continue to hit refresh to increase the chance of them appearing. The developers at MultiVersus have responded to the issue on X, which you can see below.

MultiVersus Twitch Drops not showing workaround

If you followed the steps mentioned and your Twitch Drops are still not showing up, there is a workaround you could try. According to players on Reddit, you can fix Twitch Drops by opening the MultiVersus website on your phone and selecting Twitch Drops from there. Doing so will cause your game to disconnect and the rewards will be available next time you launch MultiVersus.

If you still haven’t received your Twitch Drops after attempting the solutions in this guide, then you may just have to be patient. The Twitch inventory page states, “Depending on the number of claims and the game developer’s fulfillment schedule, it may take some time to fulfill the Drop rewards in the game”. In other words, the Twitch Drop rewards server may just be backed up at the moment.

As you wait for your Twitch Drops to show up, why not learn more about the game’s characters? Head over to our MultiVersus character tier list to help you decide who to fight as.

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