Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Boss
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How to fix the Tempest Mephis boss not spawning in Wuthering Waves

Can't find the Tempest Mephis boss arena?

There are various world bosses scattered throughout Solaris-3 in Wuthering Waves, but not all of them are easy to find. While they’re all marked on the map, some of them don’t appear at all if you go to the places designated by their icons.

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One of the bosses that most players are having trouble with is Tempest Mephis, an Electro-charged fiend located just outside Qichi Village on the Huanglong Central Plains north of Jinzhou. When you approach the marked location for Tempest Mephis, the battle music starts playing and the boss appears for a split second before seemingly disappearing for good. Thankfully, this isn’t a game-breaking bug, it’s just a poorly-placed map marker.

Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Boss Location

The Tempest Mephis boss fight is located underground. The map marker for the boss fight is placed right on top of the boss arena, not the entrance to the boss arena, which is what is causing all the confusion among Wuthering Waves players.

To get underground and find the Tempest Mephis boss in Wuthering Waves, go to the map marker for the boss and then head east. Just a few short steps from the map marker is a hole in the ground that leads to a cave where Tempest Mephis is hiding. There’s a huge air current shooting out of it (so you can glide out of the cave), so you should be able to spot it without issue.

Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Boss Entrance
Screenshots: PC Invasion

Once you drop down into the hole, you’ll see the real Tempest Mephis boss arena and you can battle him normally. He has an increased resistance to Electro damage, so don’t bring any characters like Yuanwu or Calcharo. The fight itself is fairly straightforward and there aren’t any particularly tricky attacks to dodge, so you should be fine as long as your characters are sufficiently leveled.

It’s unfortunate that this boss is located underground and has a glitch where he briefly flashes above ground, but at least the boss battle isn’t completely bugged. If you’re having trouble locating other Wuthering Waves bosses, just try looking for a cave or alternate entrance. Sometimes, even Resonance Beacons can be this hard to find, too.

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