Wuthering Waves Ue4 Error
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How to fix UE4 Fatal Error in Wuthering Waves

Don't you rage quit just yet.

Getting the small white window of death is not fun, especially if it happens for a game as anticipated as Wuthering Waves. Here is how to fix the UE4 fatal error in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to fix UE4 Fatal Error

Fixing the UE4 Fatal Error is still a mystery in my particular case, but there are many reports online that there are several ways you can fix the UE4 Fatal Error that pops up whenever you try to run Wuthering Waves on your PC. From what I can tell, the UE4 Fatal Error is related to the Epic Games Launcher. Some players can launch the game, so this is a matter of compatibility.

So, If you want the short answer, the best way to fix the UE4 Fatal Error is to download and play the game with the Wuthering Waves standalone launcher. You can also play the game on mobile phones, but yet again, why would you? Anyway, you can try the following if you are adamant about playing it with the Epic Games Launcher:

  • Verify the integrity of your files. Go to your library and locate Wuthering Waves. Click on the three dots to the right, select Manage, and then click on Verify. This is the very first thing you should do since it is a very well-known method for troubleshooting and fixing corrupted files.
  • Disable Epic Games fullscreen optimizations:
    • Locate the Epic Games installation folder (mine was: C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win32).
    • Right-click EpicGamesLauncher.exe and click on Properties.
    • Go to Compatibility and tick the box that says “Disable fullscreen optimizations.”
    • Click Apply and attempt to play Wuthering Waves.
  • Run the game in compatibility mode by accessing the same options menu in the step before and tick the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows 8.
  • Update your Windows install, Graphics Card drivers, or Microsoft VisualC++ version.
  • Restart your PC or reinstall your game.
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For the time being, the only thing that worked for me was installing the game using the official Wuthering Waves launcher, so I would strongly recommend that you stick to that for the time being and see if the developers release an update. Some players are also experiencing some stuttering issues, so we hope the game is fixed soon for all of us waiting to enjoy it.

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