How to get a free dog pet and start the Faithful Companion quest in Diablo 4
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How to get a free dog pet and start the Faithful Companion quest in Diablo 4

Don't miss out on this faithful companion.

We don’t often get freebies in Sanctuary, let alone one as adorable as this. If you want a new best friend, here’s how to get a free dog pet and start the Faithful Companion quest in Diablo 4.

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How to get a free dog companion in Diablo 4

All Diablo 4 players can obtain a free pet dog by completing arguably the easiest questline of all time. All you need to do is find it. Travel to Kyovashad and head to the Quest Marker just west of the fountain in the town center.

How to get a free dog pet and start the Faithful Companion quest in Diablo 4
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You’ll find a dog at the marker, and you’ll start the Faithful Companion quest when you speak to it. Simply tell the dog he’s a good boy (it’s the only answer), and congratulations, you’ve adopted a new best friend!

At the time of writing, we don’t know if this is a limited-time quest or a permanent feature. In case it’s the former, I recommend heading to Kyovashad immediately to avoid disappointment. There are also several free anniversary gifts up for grabs, including a mount, so make sure you don’t miss out.

How to equip and use a pet in Diablo 4

Good Boi
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You can equip Asheara from any Wardrobe in Sanctuary using the new “Pets” tab (pictured above). You can also obtain three more pets by preordering the Vessel of Hatred Expansion. Keep in mind that each version of the Expansion has different bonuses and pets available.

When you equip your pet, make sure to save the changes before you leave the menu, or they’ll stay in the Wardrobe. Asheara will follow you around and occasionally grab nearby Gold and Materials. Fortunately, the best boy in Sanctuary won’t pick up weapons or armor, so you don’t need to worry about clogging up your inventory.

Finally, let’s go over the most crucial feature of the new pet system. You can pet the dog by standing nearby and saying hello (Up on the Dpad and flicking Up on the right stick on a controller). Ultimately, the pet is an optional feature in Diablo 4, so don’t feel you must use it if you prefer to travel alone.

If the new pet has coaxed you back into Diablo 4 after a break, make sure you take advantage of the new Helltide system. It’s never been easier to level up and reach the endgame.

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