Mw3 Mission Control Vest And Compression Plate
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How to get and use the Mission Control Vest and Compression Plate in Modern Warfare 3

Equip yourself with the new Season 4 gear.

Yeah, weapons are fine and all, but what about a nice vest and gear? Here is how to get and use the Mission Control Vest and Compression Plate in Modern Warfare 3.

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Modern Warfare 3: How to get and use the Mission Control Vest

Unlocking the Mission Control Vest will require completing eight Daily Challenges before using it. For those Daily Challenges to count, you need to activate them through the Armory Unlocks tab, which is the main way you unlock gear in the game.

Mw3 Mission Control Vest
Screenshot: PC Invasion

By wearing it you will become the Streak Specialist. What does this mean? Remember how hard it is to collect killstreaks and that feeling of disappointment when you are just one kill short from activating them? Well, introducing the Mission Control Vest. Not only will it reduce the kills and score required to gain killstreaks by one and 125 points, respectively, but it will also help you earn kills and score for every two kill assists or cross-fire assists.

Mw3 Dna Bomb
Image: Activision

This will be especially useful if you pair it with the new killstreaks that are available now for Season 4, using the Intelligent Munitions Systems or the feared DNA Bomb. However, you must sacrifice one of your perk slots in favor of two gear slots. So, keep that in mind and, as a last piece of advice, pair it with the Mission Control Comlink and you will gain the effects of the High Gain Antenna

Modern Warfare 3: How to get and use the Compression Plate

The brand-new Compression Plate gear is also available now and you will be able to unlock through, again, the Armory Unlocks system by completing eight Daily Challenges. While the Mission Control Vest works for the offense, the Compression Plat focuses on defenses. This is because it will provide a great stream of health regeneration every time you land a primary, secondary, throwing knife, or throwing star kills. Not only that but if you choose to play the objective – please, do so – and capture Objectives, you will also regenerate health.

Mw3 Compression Plate
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This gear will be especially great for matches on big maps where a single Operator’s life is a bit longer than just playing free-for-all in Rust or Shipment. Be sure to pair the Mission Control Vest and the Compression Plate with the new Season 4 weapons so that you pack a punch and gain passive benefits at the same time – besides, those new weapons are looking great.

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