How to get and use the Top in Animal Well
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How to get and use the Top in Animal Well

An essential item that lets you discover hidden rooms.

Animal Well is filled with secrets to discover and to find the majority of them, you need to acquire specific items. The Top is a useful tool that allows you to access hidden areas and this guide details how to find and use it.

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How to get the Top in Animal Well

Before you can claim the Top in Animal Well, you must first collect 32 eggs scattered across the game map. Eggs are well hidden, usually in secret rooms off the beaten path, and require thorough exploration. Once you find enough eggs, head to the main egg room (with the giant peacock). For reference, the image below shows where this room is located.

Egg room in Animal Well
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you reach the egg room, head to the doors to the left side. With 32 eggs in your inventory, the third door will now open. Use your Bubble Wand to reach this door and go through it. On the other side of this door, you will find a treasure chest that contains the Top. Open the chest to acquire it.

How To Get The Top In Animal Well
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How to use the Top in Animal Well

Players can use the Top to access hidden areas through the floors of Animal Well. As you explore the map, you may notice areas of the floor that look different than most. They may have cracks in them or look like they can be destroyed. This is where the Top comes into play. 

When you discover a floor that looks breakable, equip the Top and activate it with the corresponding button. Doing so will destroy the floor, bringing you to the hidden area below. The Top is an item that is especially helpful for completionists who are looking to find all matches, eggs, and more.

The Top isn’t the only item you’ll find useful in Animal Well and there are plenty more out there to find. Make sure to learn about them on the PC Invasion site. I highly recommend reading our guide on how to find the Pencil in Animal Well, as it allows you to write on your in-game map and help you keep track of your adventure.

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