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How to get DNA Samples in MW3, MWZ, and Warzone

This takes Kill Confirmed to another level.

With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 Season 4, the Critical Countdown event launched, and it’ll require you to get up close and personal with the recently departed. You’ll need to know how to get DNA Samples to advance the event.

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All ways to get DNA Samples in MW3, MWZ, and Warzone

The Critical Countdown event requires you to collect DNA Samples from your fallen foes to uncover the truth about the recent discovery of the DNA Bombs. And there’s only one way to get it.

Upon killing an enemy in MW3, MWZ, or Warzone, you’ll be able to collect a DNA Sample. A DNA Strand will appear where they fell, like Dog Tags in Kill Confirmed.

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This only works for MW3 Multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies, and DNA drops all the same from player enemies and NPC enemies, including zombies.

There will be four DNA types in total, so try and get as many as you can before the field gets more saturated, and specific DNA strands will be harder to come by. Each week of the Critical Countdown event, there will be new types of DNA strands to collect to unlock rewards.

The Blue DNA Strand is the most common, followed by the Orange DNA Strand, then the Green, then finally the Purple. The amount of Strands you need to complete for a reward will reflect their rarity.

To complete the event, you will need 40,600 DNA Strands in total, which is a lot of kills. So let’s go over how best to get them.

Best way to get DNA Samples in Modern Warfare 3

In my experience, the best way to farm DNA strands is through the Zombies game mode. In one match, if you simply go around farming, you could mow through hundreds of Zombies and collect all of their sweet DNA strands. Something simply not possible in other game modes, especially Multiplayer.

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If Zombies isn’t your style, then you’ll need to keep playing the game mode(s) that you’re the best at. Not necessarily the ones that you’re the best at winning, but the ones that you’re great at killing others in.

If you’re looking for advice, or like me aren’t that good, here are some suggestions:

  • MWZ
  • Invasion
  • Ground War
  • Small Map Mosh Pit
  • Team Deathmatch

The map you choose will also influence the number of kills and DNA Samples you can collect, so try to vote for smaller maps to keep you toe-to-toe with your enemies and to reduce the commute between you and their samples.

Now that you know all about collecting DNA Samples in Modern Warfare 3, you’ll be able to smash the Critical Countdown event. Just don’t let the others take your DNA. I’m sure the Specialist Perk in Warzone will help you with that.

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