Hanging Item In Lords Of The Fallen
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How to get hanging or raised items in Lords of the Fallen

If only you could actually jump...

In Lords of the Fallen, it’ll be a passive duty to look out for any sort of useful things you can find. Considering how hard the game is, free loot and items are very welcome, even if not particularly useful. It’s so irritating, however, when an item is just out of our reach. Whether it’s on another platform, or whether it’s hanging up high. Here’s how to get hanging or raised loot in Lords of the Fallen.

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Getting hanging items in Lords of the Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, the first thought to come across your mind may be to jump. However, like in most Soulslike games, jumping sucks. It’s more of a vertical leap than an actual jump, and is very cumbersome to perform. So, before you try a million times, you cannot jump to retrieve suspended loot in Lords of the Fallen.

Instead, you must shoot it down. That’s right, simply hitting the corpse that’s suspending it will cause it to come tumbling down. Raised loot is generally superior to loot that you may find lying on the ground, hence the extra step.

Make sure you’ve got your ranged weapon or throwing hand equipped, and at least one piece of ammunition to launch. Holding control, or LT or R2 for console players, you will bring out your selected ranged apparatus. You can either lock-on to the hanging corpse and quick-fire, or you can aim down sights and aim the shot yourself.

Hanging Loot In Lords Of The Fallen
Screenshot: PC Invasion

For you magic players, you can do the exact same thing with your catalyst, although you’ll want to lock-on to the target to make sure you don’t miss and waste your mana! If you happen to not have enough mana, then you’ll have to make a mental note of where it is and come back for it.

Either way, once you’ve hit the target, the corpse will decorporealize and the item will gracefully land to the floor. You are now free to pick it up and enjoy whatever it is!

You won’t find suspended items a lot in Lords of the Fallen, but you’ll want to be prepared just in case you stumble across one. Try not to deplete your mana or use all of your ammunition when you’re exploring uncharted lands, you never know what you may come across!

I hope that’s cleared things up for you. For even more Lords of the Fallen assistance, look no further than PC Invasion!

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