How to get Hearts in Monopoly GO

Monopoly Go Valentines
Image: Scopely

Monopoly GO has started the Valentine’s Partners event, and if you want to build up your four attractions, then you’ll need as many Hearts as you can get your hands on.

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All ways to get Hearts in Monopoly GO

For your general information, here are all the ways to get Hearts for the Valentine’s Partners event in Monopoly GO. We’ll go over the best strategy after.

  • Quick Wins
  • Free Gift (refreshes eight hours after opening)
  • Board Pickups (like shields)
  • By Gifts from your partners’ spinning
  • As rewards from other events

There are truly so many ways to get Hearts in this game that it’ll be difficult not to get them, quite frankly. By simply playing the game, you’ll run into them.

Best strategy for getting Hearts in Monopoly GO

Monopoly Go Valentines Parters
Image: Scopely

My strategy, and the one I think is the best for getting as many Hearts as possible, is keeping the following points in mind.

To provide you with a solid baseline every day, make sure to claim the Daily Treat, the free gift, and complete the Quick Wins every day. This will reward you with at least a couple hundred Hearts to start the day off well. You can save up or spin them straight away.

They will only get you so far, however. The tournaments and milestone events that will be running alongside the Valentine’s Partners event will be very generous with the Heart rewards, and will be your main source of Hearts. Make sure that you and your partners are giving these events your all. You don’t have to particularly get far in these events to be netting hundreds of Hearts, so make sure to advance as best as you can.

To maximize your efficiency, strive to hit at least the first milestone for all attractions, as that will net you 200 Free Rolls for each one. This will allow you to keep rolling early on, to advance in the milestone and tournament events for even more Hearts. If all goes well, you’ll be breezing through the early stages on day one.

Finally, make sure to pick your partners carefully. Make sure that you can have open communication with your partners, and share this strategy with them so everyone knows what to do. Your partners being successful will guarantee that you’re successful!

Using Hearts in Monopoly GO

Once you’ve got your Hearts, you can use them to spin the wheel for each attraction now on your board. As long as you’ve got a partner for an attraction, you can spend Hearts to spin the wheel for a random set of points. The starting cost is 20 Hearts for a wheel spin, although you can multiply the amount to multiply the rewards, for a max of 30x.

Now that you know all about earning Hearts in Monopoly GO, why don’t you make sure you know everything about the Valentine’s Partners event?