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How to get past the top left spike swordfish room in Animal Well

Spikes? No problem.

If only there was a way to get past the spike level in Animal Well without exposing ourselves to the giant cheese grater. There is? Oh well, here is how to get past the top left spike swordfish room in Animal Well.

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Animal Well: How to get past the top left spike swordfish room

While the top left spike swordfish room in Animal Well seems like an impossible room to get through — spikes everywhere can be really discouraging — the truth is that getting past it is way easier than you can imagine. To get past it, you will have to make use of the Disc, one of the many items you can collect during your Animal Well run.

How to get the Disc in Animal Well

You will get the Disc by stealing it from the giant ghost cat room. However, if you attempt to steal casually, you will get caught by the ghost cat, making it impossible to leave the room. That is why you will need to pull an Indiana Jones and swap said disc with the mock disc.

Animal Well Ghost Cat (2)
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This is found way past the ghost cat room and features some puzzle-solving — like everything you do in Animal Well — so I suggest checking out our guide on how to get it. Once you get your hands, do the good old switcheroo and now you have yourself a flying Disc in your inventory!

Animal Well: How to use the Disc in the top left spike swordfish room

Now that you have yourself a flying Disc, you can use it to traverse through the entirety of the room by jumping on top of it and, well, flying. This is trickier than what it may sound like since getting on top of the Disc will require you some practice and maybe some falls right into the spikes. The trick is to throw the Disc right after you reach the climax of your jump, so that, as soon as you begin falling, you land on top of it.

Animal Well Bottom Spikes
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The first spike gap will be far easier than the one above, which will have you do two consecutive Disc jumps. If you didn’t know, when you touch a wall with your Disc, you bounce back, so you should jump and use the Disc after you bounce. That way, you will get both the momentum and the direction right so that you can get past this room, which of course is a great achievement for all of us who struggle with precise controller inputs.

I’ve also seen this room be completed with the hamster wheel, but it’s a much more difficult process because you have to master the hamster wheel double jump, which is especially hard over the spikes. This is why I recommend using the disc technique.

Animal Well Top Spikes
Screenshot: PC Invasion

And there you go! You are free to continue exploring the map and should you ever come across another gap like this, you know exactly what to do. Keep on exploring and discovering new secrets and easter eggs. Who knows, maybe an input combination will end up transforming your character into a 2D platformer classic!

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