Ghosts In Baladins
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How to get rid of the ghosts in Baladins – both endings explained

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Upon reaching Lumensac in Baladins, you’ll soon be concerned with a mission to get rid of some ghosts. There are many ways to deal with them, although getting rid of them may not be the best course of action.

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Every way of getting rid of the ghosts in Baladins

The Dance With The Ghosts quest in Baladins has two quest endings. The easiest one concerns getting rid of the ghosts so Bleiz can stop worrying about her mother. Either way, you’ll need to have high Characteristics.

There are a few ways you could do this, although note that it doesn’t really matter which one you pick, as they’ll all end up with the same quest ending. Although, getting the different items at the end of each method is worth it so you can satiate the dragon.

I have played Baladins extensively to try and find every way to deal with the ghosts, and as far as I’m concerned, this is a complete list. That said, there may be more secretive ways to do this that I’m unaware of!

Trapping the ghosts in Baladins

The first way I got rid of the ghosts in Baladins was by trapping them in a jar. When traveling in the top right corner of Lumensac, I bumped into a small creature that had a sealed jar. You can either open it or smash it. If you succeed any of these actions, you’ll see that a ghost was stuck in the jar, and will thank you for its release.

Ghost Jar Baladins
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If you open the jar instead of smashing it, which requires a score of 11 Physique, you’ll get to keep the empty jar.

With the empty jar, go back to the Old Tower and give it to the ghosts. They’ll be sucked into jar, giving you a jar full of ghosts.

This is enough to clear the ghosts for the quest, but the jar full of ghosts is a very powerful item. You may want to head over to the Druid Fintan, or keep it to feed to the Dragon.

Fighting the ghosts in Baladins

When traveling in Lumensac, you may come across Aten and Jonas, two knights in search of a noble quest. Now that you know about the ghosts, when you bump into them, you can send them in the direction of the ghosts.

Jonas Baladins
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Note that your meeting Aten and Jonas is a random event, and on one of my runs, I never ran into them. I’d always seemed to find them outside the Spellhold, although that may just be a coincidence.

Go to the Old Tower to check in on them, and you’ll see that they’re cornered by the ghosts, and you’ll have to rescue them.

You can either make a diversion using Finesse or fight the ghosts using Destruction. The difficulty class is 11 for either task, so make sure either your Finesse or Destruction are high enough level.

Upon rescuing the knights, you’ll have earned their gratitude, and cleared off the ghosts.

Exorcising the ghosts in Baladins

Another way to get rid of the ghosts is by exercising them. Randomly when traveling Lumensac, you may bump into Malaphar and Fintan arguing.

Malaphar, the spiritual healer, will argue that true health comes from the mind, and Fintan, the druid, will argue that it comes from the body. You can either settle the debate by picking a side or by giving them an item that proves the mind and body are intertwined and equally important.

I happened to have some cheese on me at the time, and as a joke gifted it to them. To my surprise, it worked. With the debate settled, Malaphar asked if there was anything I could do for him, and the option to “Cure the ghosts!” appeared.

Cure Ghosts Baladins
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You may be able to get Malaphar’s help if you side with him instead of proving that the mind and body work together. You may also be able to gift other items than cheese to prove that the mind and body work together, but there’s no way I’m about to test every item in the game.

If you don’t want to take any chances, then you can buy some cheese from Mornoz.

Upon sending Malaphar to cure the ghosts, go to the Old Tower. He would have already exorcised them when you get there, and you’ll get a Ball and Chain.

Banishing the ghosts in Baladins

If you are to try banishing the ghosts, you’ll first need to know how to do it.

The Spellhold in Lumensac has a vast library, and a book in there will tell you how to deal with ghosts. Studying at the library will allow you to choose what you want to study, and when selecting to learn more about ghosts, you’ll learn that salt can banish them.

There are two ways that I know of to get salt in Baladins, and they’re both in Mercanzon.

Salt Baladins
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Heading to the Market in Mercanzon will allow you to buy salt from Oton, for 3 Gold. You can also head to the Port and Sell Some Fish, which has a chance of giving you Salt for free, as well as earning you some Finesse.

With the salt acquired, head back to Lumensac and go to the Old Tower. When speaking with the ghosts, give them the salt from your inventory — and they’ll vanish.

This is likely the worst way to go about dealing with the ghosts, as it costs you money, action points, and movement points, and you don’t get anything special out of it.

How to get the good ending in Dance With The Ghosts in Baladins

No matter how you deal with the ghosts, you’ll always get the same ending in the Dance With The Ghosts quest in Baladins. Although Bleiz is free now to pursue education, the game suggests that getting rid of the ghosts is not the best option.

Upon feeding the Ball and Chain to Colobra, it mentioned that the ghosts were grounded to the earth due to unfinished business. So to get the good ending, we’ll need to help the ghosts move on instead of forcibly removing them.

I have traveled the map and have been unable to find a way or find an item that will help us communicate with the ghosts, or find out what they’re struggling with to help them. I sincerely hope that you have better luck than I do when trying to set the ghosts free in Baladins.

So, you finally know how to deal with the ghosts in Baladins. I hope you have an easier time finding some Royal Jelly for Bungus.

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