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How to get the Fractured Winterglass Unique in Diablo 4

Not really the skeleton army of the Necromancer, but close to it.

In Diablo 4 Loot Reborn, running into high-end gear such as Uniques and Legendaries seems to be common now. While the drop rate has increased, earning gear like Tyrael’s Might Unquie still can be a process. That’s why you might want to follow along to learn how to get the Fractured Winterglass Unique in Diablo 4.

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Diablo 4: How to get the Fractured Winterglass Unique

The good thing about earning this amulet is that you don’t have to farm for it. Like Yen’s Blessing, you need to look in one spot: Lord Zir. After beating him, he should drop it.

On top of that, ensure you’re playing on World Tier 4; it doesn’t seem to appear on the lower tiers. However, the amulet dropping on the first chance you fight the boss might not happen. In this case, keep on going back and fighting him till he drops. This is much easier than finding it in random spots. 

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What does Fractured Winterglass do in Diablo 4?

The effect of the amulet is noteworthy. It provides Sorcerers between 35 and 50 percent chance to spawn a random Conjuration upon impact. It also comes with a Lucky Hit with between 50 and 70 percent chance that your Conjuration launches a Frozen Orb at any enemies near it.

On top of that, it comes packed with five affixes:

  • Affix 1:  Vulnerable Damage
  • Affix 2: Non-Physical Damage
  • Affix 3: Cooldown Reduction
  • Affix 4: Ranks of Conjuration Mastery
  • Equipment Affix: Resistance to All Elements
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Fractured Winterglass does make the Sorcerer slightly independent with the Conjuration, so you can output more damage if you’re playing solo. On top of that, the end-game of Diablo 4 may be manageable since the Helltide events at that level become even harder. Having that extra boost in the form of Conjuration, you might have an easier time dealing with Helltide enemies. 

Speaking about Helltides in Diablo 4, they seem to have changed quite a bit. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking to level up fast and get some great rewards.

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