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How to get the Helicopter in A Dusty Adventure

Soar above those pesky mutants.

The Helicopter in A Dusty Adventure is incredibly alluring, hovering above the lobby – within reach, but out of our grasp. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get hold of. Unless you’re lucky.

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How to unlock the Helicopter in A Dusty Adventure

The helicopter is a limited vehicle that’s a part of the current Car Raffle. This is a fancy term for a gacha box, and the Helicopter has a 1% chance of being pulled when you try your luck.

Each go at the Car Raffle costs either 49 Robux or 200 Dusty Coins.

A Dusty Adventure Helicopter
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Unfortunately, the only way to get the Helicopter is by being incredibly lucky in the Car Raffle. The current season will last until the middle of June, around the 15th. So you’ve plenty of time to earn Dusty Coins. But with the odds being so low, you’ll either have to really focus on getting Dusty Coins, or fork out Robux to try and pull as much as possible.

As the Helicopter requires Dusty Coins, you’ll need to learn how to get those, too.

Best way to get Dusty Coins in A Dusty Adventure

Dusty Coins are earned in A Dusty Adventure by completing the Daily Quests in the Season. Every day, four missions will be released, all earning you EXP toward the Season Pass.

At different levels in the Season Pass, you’ll earn Dusty Coins, starting at 55 but increasing the further you go into the Season.

So your best bet to get Dusty Coins as quick as possible is by logging into A Dusty Adventure every day and completing all of the daily missions. You’ve got over a month to do this, which should result in enough Dusty Coins to have many pulls at the Car Raffle.

As the only way to get Season Pass EXP is by doing the daily quests, you can’t farm EXP to progress the Season Pass as quickly as you can. You’ll be soft-locked every day, which is frustrating for those who want to earn as many Dusty Coins as possible.

At least you can restart the pass to get those Dusty Coins all over again, so there is no upper limit to the amount of Dusty Coins you could earn.

Note that the Season Pass also has a paid track that will offer you more rewards – and Dusty Coins – for every level. Make sure you’re 100% ready if you wish to make the purchase.

Just remember that 1% odds are low, and no matter how often you pull, you may not get the Helicopter. Try not to be too disappointed, and be responsible with you or your guardian’s money if tempted by Robux.

Building the cars are fun part for me in A Dusty Adventure, so I think it sucks that we can’t build the Helicopter ourselves. But driving it must be awesome.

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