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The Ring of Royal Grandeur is a unique legendary item in Diablo 3 that’s imperative for most character builds. Its special effect lowers the number of set items required for a set bonus. For example, with the ring equipped, you get a 6-piece set bonus while only wearing five pieces of that set. This makes equipping or cubing a Ring of Royal Grandeur mandatory for most character builds. In Season 28, the new Altar of Rites empowers characters in exchange for sacrifices, one of which being a Ring of Royal Grandeur. Of course, we know how to get a Ring of Royal Grandeur in Diablo 3. 

Diablo 3: The Ring of Royal Grandeur can be found in the early game

Fortunately, the Ring of Royal Grandeur is pretty easy to farm for. It can only drop from Act I Bounty Caches. In Diablo 3, Acts I, II, III, and V have lists of legendary items only obtainable from that act’s bounty caches. Act IV bounties can drop bounty cache items from all the other acts, which is inefficient when farming for a specific item.

How To Get Ring Of Royal Grandeur Diablo Iii Bounty Cache

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To efficiently farm the Ring of Royal Grandeur, simply complete Act I bounties. Open the cache, and if you didn’t get a Ring of Royal Grandeur, reset the game. The Ring of Royal Grandeur is pretty common, so don’t waste resources on Kadala, rifts, or upgrading rares with Kanai’s Cube.

Increasing Ring of Royal Grandeur chances

There are several ways to improve your chances of finding a Ring of Royal Grandeur. The first of which is the Bountiful node on the Altar of Rites. Activating this node gives you two bounty caches for each bounty. This gives you double the chance to find a Ring of Royal Grandeur. Another method to improve your find chance is increasing the game’s difficulty. Of course, higher difficulties mean better loot. At Torment VI difficulty, you’re guaranteed at least one legendary per bounty cache. At Torment XIII, you’re nearly guaranteed two legendaries per bounty cache.

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