How to get the Saboteur's Signet Unique Ring in Diablo 4 and best build
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How to get the Saboteur’s Signet Unique Ring in Diablo 4 and best build

Stun your foes into submission

If you’re like me, you know the Rogue is the most badass class in Diablo 4. With this in mind, let me show you how to get the Saboteur’s Signet Unique Ring in Diablo 4 and the best build.

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What is the Saboteur’s Signet in Diablo 4?

The Saboteur’s Signet is a Rogue-exclusive Unique Ring that augments the Flurry ability. Each time you cast Flurry, there’s a chance that you’ll throw a grenade that stuns enemies for one second. Your Grenade Skills also gain a Lucky Hit chance.

How to get the Saboteur’s Signet in Diablo 4

You can only get the Saboteur’s Signet by playing on World Tier 3 or 4. As long as you’re on those difficulties, the Unique Ring has a small chance of appearing in Chests or from defeated enemies. Helltides have received tremendous buffs in Season Four and offer a fantastic source of gear.

For more targeted farming, World Events are superb for high-tier loot, although you do have to wait for them to show up. If you’re already doing end-game activities, the Saboteur’s Signet is part of Grigoire, the Uber Boss’s loot pool.

Diablo 4: Best Saboteur’s Signet build

This may be a hot take, but Grenades aren’t particularly effective in Diablo 4. In my experience, Grenades are powerful but inconsistent, and when tackling high-level content, that lack of consistency starts to matter. As a controller player, I often find Grenades tricky to aim and not worth the hassle.

How to get the Saboteur's Signet Unique Ring in Diablo 4 and best build
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With this conundrum in mind, we’ll get value from the Stun Grenades from the Saboteur’s Signet, but we won’t spend resources trying to incorporate more into the build. We need a solid Flurry build to make the Saboteur’s Signet kick-off, so here are the skills I recommend:

Skill SelectionPoints Allocation
Basic SkillsPuncture 1/5 
Enhanced Puncture 1/1
Fundamental Puncture 1/1
Core SkillsFlurry 5/5
Enhanced Flurry 1/1
Improved Flurry 1/1
Sturdy 3/3
Stutter Step 3/3
Agility SkillsDash 1/5
Caltrops 1/5
Enhanced Caltrops 1/1
Methodical Caltrops 1/1
Concussive 2/3
Trick Attacks 1/3
Subterfuge Skills
Dark Shroud 5/5
Enhanced Dark Shroud 1/1
Subverting Dark Shroud 1/1
Malice 3/3
Exploit 3/3
Imbuement SkillsShadow Imbuement 5/5
Enhanced Shadow Imbuement 1/1
Mixed Shadow Imbuement 1/1
Frigid Finesse 3/3
Consuming Shadows 1/3
Shadow Crash 1/3

Ultimate Skills

Innervation 3/3
Adrenaline Rush 3/3
Haste 3/3
Key PassivesClose Quarters Combat 1/1

Basic Skills

If you’ve checked out our Scoundrel’s Kiss build, you’ll know I’m a sucker for Puncture. Fundamental Puncture debuffs opponents with Vulnerability, and the skill is easy to use thanks to its wide area of effect.

Core Skills

The centerpiece of the Saboteur’s Signet build is Flurry. This ability is our primary damage dealer and pairs nicely with Puncture with bonus damage to Vulnerable opponents.

As we’re playing up close and personal, it makes sense to invest in Sturdy for a 12% damage reduction against close-range threats. Finally, we run Stutter Step as we use a couple of Agility Skills that work with Critical Strikes.

Agility Skills

Dash is a great panic button, and we only need a single point to enable it. We get a ton of value from Caltrops and lean into the Chill effect with Frozen Finesse with our Imbuement Skills.

Trick Attacks and Concussive are impactful skills for low investment and enhance our abilities with Critical Strikes.

Subterfuge Skills

Dark Shroud is an essential part of most Rogue builds, with good reason. This ability casts several “Shadows” around you, which grant damage reduction. I usually die when I’m not paying attention to Dark Shroud, so ensure you have it live as often as possible.

Malice and Exploit offer more free passive damage, and there’s no reason not to run them.

Imbuement Skills

Frigid Finesse synergizes with our chilling Caltrops, and you’ll get a ton of value out of the skill as we fight at close range. Shadow Imbuement offers a tremendous damage increase and we lean into this even further with Consuming Shadows and Shadow Crash.

The Imbuement Skill section is a busy part of our build, but I’m confident Shadow Imbuement is the way to go and is more effective than the Poison and Cold options.

Ultimate Skills

Innervation, Adrenaline Rush, and Haste are all fantastic passive abilities. This skill trio works wonders for our energy economy so we can cast freely.

Key Passives

How to get the Saboteur's Signet Unique Ring in Diablo 4 and best build
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, we rock Close Quarters Combat because we like being up close and personal. There’s a case to be made for Combo Points, but CQC is definitely the play for a Saboteur’s Signet build.

Best Legendary Aspects for the Saboteur’s Signet build in Diablo 4

This skill selection is functionally identical to a Flurry build, so we can lean into Legendary Aspects that enhance that play style. I’ve split this section into two lists. One for Aspects you can find in the Codex of Power and others that will require some luck.

Codex of Power Aspects

  • Aspect of Encircling Blades
  • Cheat’s Aspect
  • Eluding Aspect
  • Edgemaster’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Might
  • Hectic Aspect
  • Umbrous Aspect

The most essential Aspect to shoot for is Encircling Blades, as it augments our Flurry skill. Flurry usually fires in a cone in front of us, but Encircling Blades causes it to hit opponents in any direction. 

The Rogue is typically known for being a little squishy, but that’s not the case here. Several of our Aspect choices, like Cheat’s and Might, make us surprisingly tanky. You still have to play carefully, but you can be far more aggressive than your average Rogue build.

One of the best things about this build is the Unique item isn’t absolutely essential. You can enjoy a decent Flurry build until you get the Saboteur’s Signet, then enjoy even better survivability with all the Stun procs. This build performs well in most content in Diablo 4, but you may need something more specific for specialized content like the Pit of Artificers.

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