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How to get the shotgun in Alone in the Dark — Lagniappes locations

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There aren’t a lot of items you can miss in Alone in the Dark, but the shotgun is one of them. You can go the entire game missing this weapon, and you’ll come to regret it. So let’s take a quick detour and figure out how to get the shotgun in Alone in the Dark.

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Alone in the Dark — Where to find shotgun Langniappes

How To Get The Shotgun In Alone In The Dark Collectibles
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The shotgun is located in the Small Parlor on the first floor of Derceto Manor. There is a piece of glass separating you and the illustrious pellet shooting contraption. And unlike other games, there isn’t a key or one specific item that unlocks the case. Rather, you’ll have to complete the “Lost Children” Lagniappes set if you want to get the shotgun in Alone in the Dark. The set consists of a Rubber Stamp, a Fountain Pen, and a Dog Collar.

Other Lagniappes sets require you to play through the game multiple times, but thankfully you can find all three of these collectibles in one run. What’s more, each one of these collectibles is conveniently placed around Derceto Manor. So you won’t have to worry about missing any of them found in the other worlds. We’re going to start by taking a look at a rubber stamp.

Rubber Stamp location

How To Get The Shotgun In Alone In The Dark Rubber Stamp
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The first Lagniappe you’ll come across is the Rubber Stamp, located in the Reception Room on the first floor. However, much like every location in Alone in the Dark, you won’t be able to visit the Reception Room first thing in the manor.

You can grab the Rubber Stamp at the beginning of Chapter 2 after a cutscene plays. Once the cutscene finishes, head over to the little reception window where a bell is located. To the left of the bell, you’ll find the Rubber Stamp, inching you ever closer to the shotgun.

Fountain Pen location

How To Get The Shotgun In Alone In The Dark Fountain Pen
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Chapter 2 has more than one Lagniappe for this set, and it’s not too far from the Rubber Stamp. The Fountain Pen is in Batiste’s Room, on the second floor across from the Mezzanine. If you want to eventually progress through Chapter 2, you’ll have to go through the hallway between Batiste’s room to find a broken plate.

Enter Batiste’s Room in between Jeremy and Perosi’s room, and make your way to the back left side of the room. There’s a coffee table with an assortment of magazines strewn around, and on the top of the pile is the Fountain Pen.

Dog Collar location

How To Get The Shotgun In Alone In The Dark Dog Collar
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Finally, the last collectible needed to acquire the shotgun in Alone in the Dark is a Dog Collar. Unlike the first two, the Dog Collar can only be obtained after visiting the Oil Rig level in Chapter 2. The Dog Collar is located in the Drawing Room, so you’ll need to open the wedged door to enter.

But after you open up the door and explore the room a bit, head over to the back side of the room. On the underside of a small table, you can grab the Dog Collar, completing the “Lost Children” Lagniappe set. Exit the Drawing Room when ready, and walk a few feet over to the shotgun case.

The shotgun case is now open, and you can get the only optional weapon in the game. It’s saved me from a few game-overs from time to time and can one-shot a large number of enemies. If you’re having trouble finding any other collectibles, you might want to change your Player Guidance settings and see what options might help.

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