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When you first add various members to your army in Fire Emblem Engage, they possess certain weapon proficiencies. Some are skilled with Staffs or Swords, for instance. There’s a wide range of available weaponry, and you might not need another swordsman at the moment. That’s fine. Your characters can easily branch out to other areas, provided they develop the necessary proficiency. Here’s our guide on how to increase weapon proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to increase weapon proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage

Before you try to turn your mage into a lancer, consider their base stats. It may be possible to completely change how a character operates, but it’s not necessarily wise. Whether your character has the stats to shine with a different weapon type, or you just need them to improve their skill with a weapon they already possess, there is a process to follow.

To add or increase weapon proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage, bond a character with a relevant Emblem and change their class. When a character bonds with an Emblem, their connection strengthens and they gain new weapon proficiencies. Once they meet any other requirements, the character can then change to a new class. Doing so imparts a higher level of mastery so that they can equip weapons with an S rank.

Fire Emblem Engage Boucheron Considering Axe Armor

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As an example, Boucheron joins the party as an Axe Fighter. He possesses innate Axe proficiency (indicated on his class profile by the blue Axe icon). Immediately, he has the option to change to the Axe Armor or Axe Cavalier classes. They are additional Base classes requiring only Axe proficiency.

After Boucheron levels up the appropriate base class, Advanced classes become available. Depending on the Base class selected, these may include the Berserker, General, and Paladin classes. Any other Advanced options are initially unavailable because they require proficiency with other weapon types. Any requirements that haven’t yet been met are indicated by red text.

Fire Emblem Engage Boucheron Considering Great Knight

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To continue with the above example, suppose you wish for Boucheron to become a sword-wielding Great Knight. This is an Advanced class requiring proficiency with both the Sword and Axe. To meet those requirements, Boucheron must bond with an Emblem that offers the Sword proficiency. Then he must level up that bond. Nearly every Emblem imparts Sword proficiency. Other weapon types require a character to bond with one of only two or three options.

As characters gain additional proficiencies, their evolution options increase. There are dozens of characters, eight proficiencies, and many classes. Decide quickly what role you wish for each character to serve and hold to it.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

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