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How to increase your population in Manor Lords

Grow your settlement.

If you want to survive in Manor Lords, you need to grow your population and attract new settlers to move into your village. Without hard-working people, you won’t survive the winter and you’ll be vulnerable to attack.

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Thankfully, growing your settlement is fairly straightforward in Manor Lords and you should be able to add tons of new families to your village quite easily once you’ve established a foothold in the area. As long as you keep the resources flowing and the people happy, growth will happen naturally.

How to Increase Settlement Population in Manor Lords

To increase your population in Manor Lords, you need to have empty homes for people to move into and have a decent approval rating so people will actually want to move into those homes. An approval rating above 50% is the requirement for new settlers to come to your town, but it should ideally be even higher.

To build housing for new settlers, open the Construction menu and navigate to the Residential tab. Then, select Burgage Plot. This building type has flexible borders so you can drag and drop to create residential districts wherever you please. Once you’ve designated an area, any available workers will get started on construction.

Manor Lords Burgage Plot
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You can level up houses within Burgage Plots as long as you have enough resources, and following the upgrade paths for houses is generally a good way to progress in Manor Lords. Upgraded houses can even house multiple families, helping you save on valuable space. You’ll need to build Marketplaces and other developments to keep your villagers happy and ensure their productivity, which will, in turn, attract even more settlers to your town.

Make sure to connect your Burgage Plots to vital resources via roads so your villagers can get to and from work easily. Unlike Gathering and Mining buildings, you don’t need to place Burgage Plots in any specific location to make them work. You should still place your residential districts in places that make sense, but you’re free to build homes wherever you like.

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