Modern Warfare Zombies Special Zombies Melee Weapon Kills
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How to kill Special Zombies with melee weapons in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Slice and dice.

You would never want to defeat Special Zombies with melee weapons, but since it’s CODMAS and you want to get the Underbaker weapon sticker, you have to. To make your life easier, here is how to defeat five Special Zombies with melee weapons in MWZ.

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Modern Warfare Zombies: How to melee five Special Zombies

Whether you’re working through the Underbaker weapon sticker Santa’s Slayground challenge or find yourself needing Special Zombies melee weapon kills for another reason, the first thing you need to do to complete this challenge is to unlock a melee weapon (like the Dual Kamas). You can’t even start this challenge without a melee weapon.

I recommend finding a melee weapon in a MWZ match and exfiling with it. By doing that, you don’t put pressure on yourself to quickly find and defeat five Special Zombies during that same match, you’ll keep the melee weapon as a Contraband Weapon, and you’ll unlock the melee weapon and be able to use it as an Insured Slot weapon.

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Modern Warfare Zombies How To Find And Freeze Mimics
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When you are ready, launch into a match with your melee weapon. I highly recommend bringing Quick Revive and Jugger-nog or getting it early. These two Perk-a-Colas are essential when using a melee weapon. Next, you need to increase your melee weapon’s rarity and Pack-a-Punch your melee weapon to level two.

When you are set up, you can now hunt down Special Zombies. The easiest and most consistent way I’ve found Special Zombies in MWZ is through Escort Contracts. Start an Escort Contract and you’ll come across two or three Manglers. Use your ranged weapon to get their health low and then run up and use your melee weapon to finish them off.

Another way to easily find Special Zombies is to clear out Infested Strongholds. These usually have a Mimic or two. You can also drive around Threat Zone 2 to look for rogue Special Zombies like Mimics, Manglers, and Disciples. If you get lucky and find an Insta-Kill, you’ll be able to quickly eliminate Special Zombies with your melee weapon, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an Insta-Kill and a Special Zombie to be together in the same place.

As a holiday treat, we are thankfully given three ways to unlock all seven rewards available during CODMAS. This means that if you want to unlock the Underbaker weapon sticker through Warzone or Modern Warfare 3, you definitely can. The Warzone requirement is to get 10 Operator kills with Marksman Rifles and the MW3 requirement is to get 40 Operator melee kills with Stalker Boots equipped. If it were me, I would do the Warzone requirement because it’s clearly the easiest of the three challenges.

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