How To Level Up Fast In Enshrouded
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How to level up and gain skill points fast in Enshrouded

Skill points, here I come!

If the speed at which you’re leveling up isn’t matching your speed of exploration in Enshrouded, you’ll quickly face enemies that are too strong for you. To ensure you’re leveling up quickly and getting as many skill points as you can in Enshrouded, I’ve created this helpful guide.

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Best ways to level up in Enshrouded

There are three ways to level up in Enshrouded: kill enemies, discover new points of interest, and mine ore. For some reason, building and chopping wood doesn’t give you XP; only those three methods grant XP. The process would be even easier with a mount, but ridable companions aren’t a feature in early access yet.

Small Flint Mine In Enshrouded
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If you want to level up fast in Enshrouded, you need to either farm enemies, farm minerals, or find new locations. I recommend doing all three at once because that’s the most fun, but generally, you’ll level up the fastest by mining ore.

For quick leveling early on, I recommend going to the Small Flint Mine directly north of Braelyn Bridge to farm a lot of Flint, and XP, quickly. As you progress through the game, you’ll find more mines filled with valuable resources that aren’t only great to have but also yield a lot of quick and easy XP.

All ways to earn skill points in Enshrouded

Elixir Well Shroud Root Enshrouded
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There are two ways to get skill points in Enshrouded: level up and chop down Shroud Roots, the glowing red mushroom trees that are the source of the Shroud. As you progress through the main quest, you’ll work your way through your first Elixir Well which always features one Shroud Root.

These are marked on the map as purplish-pink icons. To keep things fast, because you don’t want to waste time in the Shroud, I always glide right to the mouth of the Elixir Well, drop in and find the Shroud Root, defeat any enemies that are around it, and then chop down the Shroud Root with my axe.

Enshrouded How To Get Skill Points
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Every time you cut down a Shroud Root found by themselves in the open world or found in Elixir Wells, you get one Skill Point. When you unlock an Ancient Spire, you’ll get information on all the nearby Shroud Roots.

Some may be revealed and some may be hidden behind question mark spots. As you discover and chop down more Shroud Roots, you’ll start to get a feeling which question mark spots are Shroud Roots and which are other hidden locales just by the size and spacing.

  • Enshrouded Shroud Root Locations
  • Enshrouded Hidden Location Shroud Root

While it’s important to level up as fast and as often as you can since that is directly tied to how well you’ll fair against enemies, gaining and spending skill points is valuable. With skill points, you can get more health, stamina, and mana and unlock abilities and moves.

I recommend going down the Barbarian, Warrior, and Tank branches because they’ll make your melee attacks much stronger, but the green and blue branches also have their worth. The best way to level up fast, gain skill points, and survive the horrors of Enshrouded is to play with friends, so be sure to do that if you can.

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