How to make Dr. Disrespect in Infinite Craft
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How to make Dr Disrespect in Infinite Craft

It's all about the VSM

Plenty of streamers have fancy setups, but few can rival the production value of Dr Disrespect. If you want to create the 2X back-to-back Blockbuster Videogame Champion, let me show you how to make Dr. Disrespect in Infinite Craft.

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Infinite Craft: How to create Dr Disrespect

The best thing about this craft is you can see how several of the required elements make sense, but some are utterly baffling.

How to make Dr. Disrespect in Infinite Craft
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Ultimately, you can combine Vtuber + Scientist to make Dr. Disrepect. It would be Doctor and Youtuber if I had my way, but that combination gives Dr. Phil.

Assuming you don’t have those, here’s how to make the Two Time from scratch. As Scientist is easy to create, let’s start there as Vtuber is much more complicated.

How to make a Scientist in Infinite Craft

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Dust + Dust = Sand
Fire + Sand = Glass
Glass + Fire = Lens
Lens + Water = Microscope
Microscope + Water = Amoeba
Amoeba + Microscope = Scientist

How to make a Vtuber in Infinite Craft

How to make Dr. Disrespect in Infinite Craft
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are a lot of steps here, so get comfy. Hopefully, you already have some of the elements required.

Fire + Water = Steam
Fire + Steam = Engine
Engine + Engine = Rocket
Rocket + Rocket = Satellite
Steam + Engine = Train
Rocket + Train = Bullet Train
Bullet Train + Satellite = Internet
Fire + Earth = Lava
Lava + Water = Stone
Stone + Steam = Geysir
Geysir + Internet = Youtube
Fire + Wind = Smoke
Earth + Wind = Dust
Dust + Wind = Sandstorm
Sandstorm + Water = Oasis
Oasis + Water = Mirage
Smoke + Mirage = Illusion
Earth + Dust = Planet
Planet + Fire = Sun
Sun + Fire = Solar
Solar + Planet = System
System + Fire = Computer
Computer + System = Software
Software + Earth = Game
Game + Computer = Gamer
Gamer + Illusion = Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality + Youtube = VR Chat
VR Chat + Youtube = Vtuber

Finally, combine your Scientist + Vtuber and you’ll create the best to ever do it, Dr. Disrespect. We all know how much the Doc loves Call of Duty, so if you want to make that, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so. 

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