Making Drunk in Infinite Craft
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How to make Drunk in Infinite Craft

It's time to party!

Are you looking to get your buzz on? I hope so because this guide will detail how to make Drunk fast in Infinite Craft.

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Making Drunk in Infinite Craft

Making Drunk in Infinite requires the combination of Glass and Wine. Getting this point is pretty quick but entails mixing items players wouldn’t normally consider. Follow the steps outlined below to make the Drunk recipe fast in Infinite Craft.

  • Wind + Earth = Dust
  • Dust + Dust = Sand
  • Sand + Fire = Glass
  • Glass + Water = Wine
  • Glass + Wine = Drunk

You’ll start the game with Wind and Earth in their inventory, so you can start making Drunk instantly. Now that you have Drunk created, let’s see what cool combinations we can make with it.

Drunk combinations in Infinite Craft

Mixing Drunk with other items at your disposal can help you develop New Discoveries. While I haven’t created a “First Discovery” that the community hasn’t yet, I have had enough fun with Drunk to make some valuable combinations. Here are some examples:

  • Drunk + Continent = Australia
  • Drunk + Glass = Shot
  • Drunk + Student = Party
  • Drunk + Angel = Fallen Angel
  • Drunk + Time = Hangover
  • Drunk + Mountain = Drunken Master

You can discover many more possibilities with Drunk in Infinite Craft, so get to work and see what you can develop. Remember that all your creations will be stored on the right side of the screen due to Infinite Craft’s automatic saving.

Writers at PC Invasion have been having tons of fun with the crafting sandbox game, creating some unique combinations that many players wouldn’t have even thought of. One of my favorites is making “Infinite Craft” in Infinite Craft. Yeah, that’s right, one writer created the game itself. It was bound to happen eventually.

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