Infinite Craft Electricity
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How to make Electricity in Infinite Craft

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Infinite Craft features a truly staggering number of combinations and creations for players to discover. Ranging from Metal to Peter Griffin, there’s a seemingly never-ending set of discoveries to make. Electricity is involved in several of those crafting recipes, but making Electricity in the first place is harder than it sounds.

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Infinite Craft Electricity Recipe

Infinite Craft Electricity Tree
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Thankfully, the process of creating Electricity in Infinite Craft is fairly straightforward and only requires a few combinations. It’s a lot harder to make Batman and Superman than it is to make Electricity. To make Electricity, you need to combine a Windmill and a Storm. The image above shows the tree of combinations that lead to Electricity, but you can also see the exact steps to follow below.

How to Make a Storm in Infinite Craft

To create a Storm in Infinite Craft, follow these steps.

  1. Fire + Water = Steam
  2. Steam + Steam = Cloud
  3. Cloud + Cloud = Rail
  4. Rain + Wind = Storm

How to Make a Windmill in Infinite Craft

To create a Windmill in Infinite Craft, follow these steps.

  1. Steam + Fire = Engine
  2. Engine + Wind = Windmill

What is Electricity Used for in Infinite Craft?

Once you’ve obtained a Storm and a Windmill, just combine the two to make Electricity! As you can imagine, Electricity is a key ingredient in a lot of Infinite Craft recipes. If you want to climb the technology tree and create some of the game’s most interesting discoveries, you’re going to need Electricity. It can be combined with nearly every other Infinite Craft ingredient, making it one of the most versatile items in the game.

Not only is Electricity used for normal items like Batteries and Chargers, but it can also be combined with certain items to create fun things like Frankenstein and Jaws. For such a versatile ingredient, Electricity is shockingly easy to create. Other basic ingredients are much harder to make in Infinite Craft, however. Making Metal, for example, is a very long process.

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