How to make Ice in Infinite Craft guide
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How to make Ice in Infinite Craft

It's getting cold in here.

Infinite Craft is a game of endless possibilities, allowing players to create almost anything they want. If you want to create Ice in Infinite Craft, we have you covered with this guide.

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Making Ice in Infinite Craft

Ice is one of the easier creations in Infinite Craft, requiring only a few steps. Players can make Ice by combining Avalanche and Water. Below, we have outlined all the steps (in order) of how to make Ice in Infinite Craft.

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Wind = Avalanche
  • Avalanche + Water = Ice

The good news is that players start with Earth, Wind, and Water, meaning you don’t have to create those ingredients yourself. Once you have created Ice, feel free to mess around with it by combining other items in your inventory. For example, I created Antarctica by combining Ice and Continent. You can even make an Iceberg by combining Ice and Wave!

Ice combinations in Infinite Craft

Since there are an endless amount of items, elements, and even humans in Infinite Craft, there is so much you can make with Ice at your disposal. Since listing every combination would take forever, I have compiled a list of the best creations I have created from Ice in Infinite Craft. Check it out below.

  • Ice + Brick = Igloo
  • Ice + Human = Snowman
  • Ice + Clock = Snow
  • Ice + Stone = Iceberg
  • Ice + Fish = Fishstick
  • Ice + Mud = Puddle

These are just examples and there are plenty more out there for you to discover. Each time you make a new discovery in Infinite Craft, it is stored on the right side of your screen, meaning you won’t have to remember how to make Ice or any other item you have created.

Ice is just the tip of the iceberg — pun intended — on what you can create in Infinite Craft. If you want one of the craziest examples, check out our guide on making Iron Man and Tony Stark!

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