Superman In Infinite Craft
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How to make Superman and Clark Kent in Infinite Craft

Two sides of one coin.

Infinite Craft uses AI to allow for truly an infinite number of combinations, so of course Superman and Clark Kent are available to create. Let’s go over how to unlock a new range of DC combinations. you’ll also unlock Aquaman on the way.

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These combinations are pretty fun and easy to do, and you’ll be expanding your DC repertoire a fair amount.

Making Superman in Infinite Craft

Superman In Infinite Craft With Aquaman
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Making Superman is a strangely streamlined process, so I won’t be splitting anything up, and I’ll just give you a long list of combinations, instead. Follow these instructions to make Superman whilst making Aquaman along the way.

  • Water + Fire = Steam
  • Steam + Earth = Mud
  • Mud + Fire = Brick
  • Brick + Brick = Wall
  • Brick + Wall = House
  • House + House = Town
  • Town + Town = City
  • City + City = Metropolis
  • Metropolis + Water = Venice
  • Metropolis + Venice = Atlantis
  • Metropolis + Atlantis = Aquaman
  • Metropolis + Aquaman = Superman

And there you have it. Superman, with Aquaman along for the ride. You can do a lot of things with Superman. You can apply Superman to almost anything, and you’ll make a super version of it. Just try it out.

If you have Batman, then you can combine Batman (Insane + Superman) and Aquaman or Superman to make the Justice League!

Making Clark Kent in Infinite Craft

Clark Kent In Infinite Craft
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There are a few ways to make Clark Kent in Infinite Craft. A couple of really easy ways, and a more sophisticated route that also allows you to make the Fortress of Solitude. You can’t do too many exciting things with Clarke Kent or the Fortress of Solitude, but they’re so easy to make, so why not?

See the list of some of the many combinations here:

  • Brick + Superman = Clark Kent (for some reason)
  • Man + Superman = Clark Kent
  • College + Superman = Clark Kent
  • University + Superman = Clark Kent
  • Paper + Superman = Clark Kent
  • Oil + Superman = Clark Kent

For a more complicated route that also gives you the Fortress of Solitude, check out this one:

  • Superman + House = Fortress
  • Fortress + Fortress = Castle
  • Castle + Superman = Fortress of Solitude
  • Superman + Fortress of Solitude = Clark Kent

You will be able to do at least two of those if you’re playing from scratch.

Now that you know all about making Superman and his alter ego in Infinite Craft, why don’t you learn how to make Harry Potter to ruin that fiction, too?

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