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How to reduce the respawn time in Warzone Resurgence

Help your teammates out so they can help you.

Reducing respawn time in Warzone Resurgence will allow you a huge edge over your competitors, as your teammates will be able to get back into the fight quicker than theirs can. Here’s how to do it.

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How respawning works in Warzone Resurgence

Everyone knows your teammates will respawn in Warzone Resurgence as long as at least someone from the team is alive. However, there are different timers and factors to keep into account before you understand how to reduce the respawn times.

There are three playzones in Warzone Resurgence, and they each have their own respawn timer. During the first playzone, players will respawn in 15 seconds. After that, players will respawn in 39 seconds until the Rebirth Countdown runs out.

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After 9 minutes and 15 seconds, respawning will cease, and players will duke it out till one team remains.

As Warzone Resurgence becomes a lot more tense as the round draws on, and teammates take longer to respawn, you’ll need to reduce the respawn timer as much as you can, especially if you’re the last one standing in your team.

How to speed up respawn time in Warzone Resurgence

There are many ways to speed up the respawn time for your teammates in Warzone Resurgence. All players alive will be able to perform the following actions to reduce the respawn timer for all killed teammates.

Note that when a player dies, they will start again from the top of the timer, so these actions will only help those currently out of the game. They will not permanently decrease the respawn timer.

ActionRespawn time reduction
Kill a player with a Finishing Move8 seconds
Kill another player7 seconds
Completing contracts5 seconds
Downing players2 seconds
Opening crates2 seconds
Destroy enemy equipment1 second

In other words, if you have one or more teammates killed, you better be on your A-game. Performing well and getting kills will not only keep you in the game but will ensure that your teammates are brought back quickly.

This means that if you’re particularly bad, you will let your team down. Just to let you know.

This is especially helpful in a tight spot. If you can get your teammates back in, they’ll be the anchor for when you die, keeping the team in the game in a rally fashion.

Now that you know how to get your teammates back into the game quicker in Warzone Resurgence, all you have to do is not die yourself.

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