How to shift in Attack on Titan Revolution
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How to shift in Attack on Titan Revolution

Big man.

Shifting in Attack on Titan lets you become the very thing you swore to destroy by transforming into a massive Titan. However, it’s no easy feat and will take a lot of time and dedication in the game.

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How to transform into a Titan

To shift into a Titan, you will first need to ensure you are in a family that can actually do it in Attack on Titan Revolution. These families are:

  • Yeager
  • Ackerman
  • Leonhart
  • Tybur
  • Arlert
  • Reiss
  • Galliard

Each comes with its own perks and debuffs, so choose carefully. I would recommend Ackerman due to their long list of bonuses when shifting. Once you have chosen your family, you will need to start earning your right to become a Titan.

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What you need to Shift to Titan

To actually shift in Attack on Titan Revolution, you will first need to be playing on the hardest difficulty and then earn the correct serum. So, start playing Attack on Titan Revolution until you have managed to upgrade your weapons to S tier. Then you can enter the game at Aberrant difficulty. In this difficulty, you must defeat the bosses, hoping to earn the Serum.

How To Shift In Attack On Titan Revolution
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The Serum only has a 0.184% drop rate, so you’re going to have to run the bosses on Aberrant difficulty a lot. Once you have managed to be lucky enough for the Serum to drop, you can use it to unlock your Titan shift ability in Attack on Titan Revolution.

Titan attack skills and use

Once you have used the serum in Attack on Titan Revolution, you will unlock the attack skills menu. This will allow you to choose the powers you have when you shift to a Titan in the game. Put these together and then enter a match in Attack on Titan Revolution.

You can now activate your shift in the Attack on Titan Revolution and become the monster you swore to kill. There are some amazing powers to play with once you have transformed. You’re basically unstoppable as long as you keep your streak up.

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