How to Get Black Cape in Blox Fruits
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How to spawn the Leviathan Raid Boss in Blox Fruits

The new hardest boss?

In Blox Fruits Update 20, a new boss has entered the fray. Potentially the hardest boss of the game, the Leviathan will require that you start the fight with some allies.

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With an opening cutscene and numerous stages, this boss will really prove who are the strongest warriors in the three seas. Here is how to start the Leviathan fight in Blox Fruits.

Getting ready for the Leviathan Raid Boss in Blox Fruits

Before you can even initiate the Leviathan fight in Blox Fruits, you need to meet some perquisites. Head over to Tiki Outpost on the Third Sea and jump to the roof of the main building. Atop that is a spy NPC. You will need to bribe this NPC with fragments to get clues about the Leviathan’s location. Once finished, the spy will say, “The Leviathan is out there! Go find it before it causes more destruction!”

Note that only one member of the party needs to have bribed the spy.

Frozen Dimension In Blox Fruits
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Now you are free to set sail to the Frozen Dimension, which is where the Leviathan Raid Boss awaits. However, before you do, you need to ally with 5 other players. Upon release of the update, some bugs presented themselves that Rip_Indra said he’d fix and tweak. Your safest bet is to start as a marine and ally up with other marines.

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Sailing to the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits

The Leviathan Raid Boss is located beyond the gate of the Frozen Dimension, which is a Sea Event in the Third Sea that only spawns in Danger Level 6. Keep sailing out as far as you can and try to avoid any other Sea Events that spawn, unless you all really want to fight it. Soon, you will see a large structure loom in from the distance.

Now at the gates of the Frozen Dimension, you must seek the Frozen Watcher, which is a strange orb that resides outside of the gate. If the orb sees that you all have adequate numbers, the gate will open. All of you should run to the gate and watch the cutscene that introduces the mighty foe. You will truly need to be as strong as you can be to defeat it. Good luck!

I hope you are equipped enough to face the Leviathan, warrior, and that you didn’t face too much trouble getting there. For more Blox Fruits help, sail over to PC Invasion.

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