How to target farm gear in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

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Perfecting your build is the main endgame goal in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and that process can be a hassle if you’re chasing a specific drop with the right stats. Target farming for certain gear can make the process much easier, but not everything is obtainable this way.

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How Does Target Farming Work in Suicide Squad KTJL?

Once you reach the endgame of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, you can start earning Infamy sets themed around DC villains. The Infamy set in Season Zero is themed around Bane, for example, while Season One’s Infamy sets will be themed around Joker, Scarecrow, and Two-Face. Infamy sets grant up to three unique perks as you equip more of them, and they’re only obtainable from the game’s hardest content.

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Infamy sets are earned by completing Incursions, endgame missions that require a special currency called Promethium to start. Different Incursions have different gear associated with them. The “World’s Un-Fair” Incursion has a higher chance of rewarding Shields and Grenades from the Bane Infamy set, for example. You can see which gear is associated with each mission by hovering over the icons on the map.

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This is the main method of target farming in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. While all types of Infamy gear can drop from all Incursions, you can pick certain missions to have a better chance of obtaining the gear you need. In addition, as you unlock higher Mastery Levels, more gear will drop from successful Incursions, making your Promethium investments more worthwhile.

Suicide Squad’s Infamy sets are divided into multiple tiers, and each tier features unique set bonuses. The tiers are associated with certain Mastery Levels, so you can raise or lower the difficulty of an Incursion if you’re seeking a specific set. If you want to target farm for the Bane’s Wrath set instead of the Bane’s Fury set, for example, you’d just lower the Mastery Level to match.

Can You Target Farm Legendary and Notorious Gear?

While Infamy sets are a huge part of endgame builds in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, they aren’t the only things you’ll need. Notorious gear and Legendary items are still viable in multiple builds for every character in the game, so you’ll still want to have a decent arsenal of them in addition to the supervillain-themed Infamy gear.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to target farm Legendary items or Notorious gear in Suicide Squad. You can craft specific Legendary weapons and Notorious items by visiting Penguin at the Hall of Heroes, but he only carries a very specific set of them. You’re stuck with the old-fashioned grind if you want to get more of these.

Thankfully, the drop rates are quite generous in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. These weapons can drop from both Metropolis missions and Elseworld Incursions, so you’ll be showered with them no matter which activity you choose.

For the best chances of obtaining Legendary and Notorious gear, complete Raising Hell objectives throughout the city and defeat any Hit Squads that Brainiac sends after you in between missions. As you reach the higher tiers of Raising Hell challenges, you’ll regularly be rewarded with Legendary and Notorious items. The highest tier can be infinitely repeated after you reach it, so it’s worth trudging through the lower ranks and putting up with lame drops for a while. Raising Hell levels reset when starting a new session, so make sure you have time to stick around if you want to grind.