How to unlock the Blood Soaked Operator in Warzone DMZ

How To Unlock Blood Soaked Operator Warzone Dmz Call Of Duty Skin

The DMZ mode in Warzone 2 is a popular alternative to exclusive PvP and a great way to unlock free content including unique skins. The Blood Soaked Operator skin is particularly popular and something many Warzone DMZ players want to know how to unlock.

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Take one look at Konig’s Blood Soaked Operator and you’ll see what makes it so desirable. The crimson head dressing hanging from the helmet contrasts with the military camo for a fierce and unique look.

How to unlock the Blood Soaked Operator in Warzone DMZ

You’ll need to complete Legion Faction missions and reach Tier 4 to unlock the “Poisoned Well” Faction mission which rewards the Blood Soaked Operator skin along with a decent sum of XP.

Just as the name of the mission suggests, you need to poison the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Water Wells. Gas grenades will do the trick, and you’ll need to place a total of six to complete the requirements of the mission.

You can quickly complete this mission by preparing your loadout before dropping in. Equip a Gas grenade for your lethal equipment and a Munitions Box for your Field Upgrade. This provides two Gas grenades so that you only need to find four more during the match. Head to the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Plant once you have enough Gas grenades.

Dispatch hostile enemies and keep an eye out for the yellow-taped Water Wells. You’ll also see yellow water height levels, so it should be easy to find all six throughout the site. Once you’ve thrown Gas grenades into all six, you’ll see prompt that the mission is complete. You then just need to extract from DMZ and you’ll earn the Blood Soaked Operator. You’ll also earn 30,000 XP for your efforts.

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