How to unlock Perspective Bender in Wuthering Waves
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How to unlock Perspective Bender in Wuthering Waves

Enter the puzzle dimension

The Perspective Bender is a mysterious domain you can visit to earn plenty of rewards. If you’ve not found it yet, let me show you how to unlock the Perspective Bender in Wuthering Waves.

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How to access the Perspective Bender domain in Wuthering Waves

The Perspective Bender is easy to miss as it’s hidden behind a regular side quest

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You must complete the Reset the Radar quest, which you can pick up from the Upset Soldier at the Rearguard Base (pictured above). This base is to the north of the map in the Desorock Highland, and most of the nearby enemies are level 24-25.

Reset the Radar is a linear side quest where you must track down an engineer and repair three nearby Surveillance Stations. The Engineer is easy to find; head to the quest marker, defeat the enemies, and climb the tower.

Repair the first Surveillance Station

The only part that may trip you up for this part of the quest is getting inside the building. Climb onto the roof, and you’ll notice a weak point beneath your feet. Jump and attack in midair to slam into the ground and gain access to the station.

Search for the Induction Cell

When you reach the second Surveillance Station, you must retrieve an Induction Cell. Head to the quest marker and defeat the enemies. When the cutscene concludes, you’ll see three markers. If you check the marked bin to the right, you’ll find the Cell.

There are a few cubes around the second Surveillance Station. If you place them on the pressure pads around the area, you can access the Advanced Supply Chest on the roof, although this isn’t required for the quest.

Break the Fissured Ledge

How to unlock Perspective Bender in Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’re going to struggle anywhere in this quest, it’ll likely be here. You’re tasked with breaking this wall (pictured above), but your attacks aren’t strong enough.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Look behind you and head to the nearby tree stump. You’ll find a crystal you can pick up. You can drop it by the rubble to access the final Surveillance Station. Once you’ve done this, you can finish the quest and unlock the Perspective Bender.

Where is the Perspective Bender in Wuthering Waves?

How to unlock Perspective Bender in Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve completed Reset the Radar, you can Fast Travel to the Domain whenever you like. It’s a bit further north in the Desorock Highland, and you can see the location in the image above.

Exploring in Wuthering Waves is pretty rewarding, even if things don’t always make sense. I couldn’t work out what to do with Training Dummies the first time I saw them, but they offer easy rewards when you know what to do.

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