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How to unlock secret cutscene in Alone in the Dark

This extra lore will hopefully provide more insight on the story as a whole

While there are alternate endings in Alone in the Dark, the developers added a secret cutscene for players. That being said, figuring out how to unlock the secret cutscene in Alone in the Dark might prove a bit more challenging than you think.

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Alone in the Dark — How to unlock secret cutscene

How To Unlock Secret Cutscene In Alone In The Dark Set
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Alone in the Dark is one of those games that isn’t complete without finishing both playthroughs as Detective Carnby and Emily Hartwood. What’s more, there are certain collectibles, aka Lagniappes, that you won’t be able to obtain until after you’ve gone through the game once.

You’ll want to make sure that you have the best Player Guidance settings on to make your collectible hunting endeavor that much easier. To unlock the secret cutscene in the attic, you must complete The Hartwood Curse collectible set.

The Hartwood Curse set is one of 15 sets that make up every collectible in Alone in the Dark. As we stated previously, you’ll be able to find all the collectibles for this set once you’ve started your second playthrough.

How to watch the secret cutscene

How To Unlock Secret Cutscene In Alone In The Dark Location
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After you’ve acquired the entire set, all that’s left is to wait until the right moment. In this case, that moment is in Chapter 4 once you complete the brain puzzle in the Infirmary. After quickly leaving the Infirmary, you’ll automatically be guided into the attic.

To watch the secret cutscene in Alone in the Dark, interact with the noose hanging on the right side of the attic. If you have all the collectibles in the set, a button prompt should appear in front of the noose. Then you can sit back for a few minutes, watch the cutscene, and earn yourself an achievement.

Let’s just hope the game doesn’t take away your collectibles before you get the chance to watch it.

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