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How to unlock the Gilded Araya Trial in Final Fantasy XIV

Here's how to unlock the new Patch 6.55 Trial.

Patch 6.55 has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV, and while this is a smaller update that paves the way for the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, there’s still a lot of new content to enjoy. This patch even includes a new optional Trial called The Gilded Araya. Here’s how to unlock it.

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While the post-Endwalker MSQ wraps up in Patch 6.55 with a handful of new quests that set the stage for Dawntrail, you won’t find The Gilded Araya as a part of the main storyline. Instead, The Gilded Araya is a part of the Manderville questline.

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To challenge Asura and unlock The Gilded Araya, you’ll need to complete every Hildibrand quest currently in the game. Hildibrand was present in every Final Fantasy XIV expansion except Shadowbringers, so there’s a ton of content to catch up on if you haven’t adventured with everyone’s favorite detective. The Manderville questline is even tied to Endwalker’s Relic weapons, but thankfully, you don’t need to unlock your job’s Relic weapon to access this Trial.

Once you’ve completed every Hildibrand quest up to “Gentleman at Heart,” you’ll be able to challenge Asura in The Gilded Araya. This Trial has a minimum item level requirement of 625, so you will need to have relatively powerful gear to enter. The Manderville Relic weapons are a great way to boost your character’s item level, but you may need to farm some post-Endwalker dungeons or complete some roulettes so you can purchase some Tomestone gear.

Because this Trial is tied to the Hildibrand questline, there isn’t an Extreme version of it. The fight itself is pretty simple as well, so hardcore players don’t have a lot to look forward to with this Trial. Still, it’s a ton of fun and it’ll be a nice change of pace when it pops up in your daily Trial roulette since a bunch of people will be running it for the first time between now and the release of Dawntrail later this year.

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