How to use Gestures in Lords of the Fallen

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While never a main focus in Soulslike games, the gesture system, which has been a regular fixture of the genre since the very beginning, nevertheless holds an important place within them. Gestures such as Praise the Sun have become part of the texture of these titles, and a means for players to express themselves outside of combat or notes. Lords of the Fallen continues this proud tradition, letting you perform a wide range of gestures, with more unlocked as you progress. If you want to master the art of communication, then read on to learn how to use gestures in Lords of the Fallen.

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How to perform gestures in Lords of the Fallen

Using gestures in Lords of the Fallen is simple. First, you need to press either the View/Share button (If you’re using an Xbox/PS controller, respectively), or the G key (If you’re using a keyboard). Doing so will bring up the gestures menu at the bottom of your screen. From here, you can select a gesture from those you have equipped, and press A/X or Enter to perform it. 

Once you pick up some additional gestures, which you’ll do naturally as you progress in the game and chat to new characters, you can equip them via the gestures menu as well. While selecting from among your equipped gestures, press Y/Triangle or F to bring up your full gesture collection, then choose one to equip in the slot you had selected. You can then perform this gesture as described above.

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Gestures generally have no practical effects during gameplay, but they can be very useful in multiplayer. When playing cooperatively with strangers online, you can gesture to direct your companions towards specific goals, or just to express your joy after defeating a tough boss, such as Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. You can also use them to rub your victory in the face of a PvP opponent; doubly satisfying if they’re the one who invaded you. Past Soulslike games have also tapped into the gesture system for some obscure secrets as well, most notably Dark Souls 3’s Archdragon Peak, so there may well be some further uses for gestures hidden deeper into the game.

And there you have it: a full guide on how to use gestures in Lords of the Fallen. If you’re planning to dive deep into the multiplayer side of the game, be it for coop or PvP purposes, then getting the hang of the gesture system will greatly enhance your experience.

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