Phasmophobia is the latest horror game that allows you to take on the role of a paranormal investigator. Recently, the developers announced that the game will be in early access for a little longer. The game has a plethora of equipment for you to use to assist your investigation. Perhaps, salt is often a piece of equipment that is overlooked. However, it can prove game changing when you are trying to work out what type of ghost you are dealing with.

Up to three salt piles can be placed around the map using a salt shaker. As salt is toxic towards the majority of ghosts, you can use them as a deterrent to protect you from attack. An example includes a wraith, who will cancel their attack if they are close to a pile of salt. There are already various deterrents in the ghost hunting game such as a crucifix. However, you may want to use Phasmophobia salt to help you progress towards the objective instead.

If a ghost walks over one of your salt piles, they can leave a footprint. These footprints can be used as a clue towards what type of ghost you are dealing with. Due to this, you may want to place a salt pile in a place where a ghost is likely to travel through. This could be at the entrance of a door, or if you have found the room the ghost resides in, place some in there. To be able to see the footprint, you will have to make use of a UV light or a glowstick.

Make the most of your newly discovered salty footprint!

If you successfully find a footprint, ensure to make a note of it. To earn some extra money, make the most of the evidence by taking a photograph with a camera. You can then use your extra cash to buy some more equipment to try in the next round.

Phasmophobia Salt

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