How to Write a Best-Selling Book in BitLife

How to write a best-selling book in BitLife

You can be the next Jilly Cooper.

Success is everything in BitLife. Once you die, you want that banner to read rich, loved, and successful, not broke, disliked, and miserly. Financial and professional success is obviously one of the best routes to happiness, and writing a best-selling book in BitLife is one of those avenues. Once you know how to become a writer and start publishing, you can be well on your way. The path to the Lucrative Lexicon achievement also lies behind publishing some best sellers.

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How to write a best-selling book in BitLife

Like most things in BitLife, and life, many of the steps come down to chance. But, of course, it can be influenced by study and dedication too. Thankfully you can run through life in a matter of minutes if you’re quick in BitLife, so if you get dealt a dud hand, just try for the next one. So read on to work out how to write a best-selling book in BitLife.

Be born smart

How to Write a Best-Selling Book in BitLife

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You only need a high school degree to be a writer, but having brains from the get-go definitely helps your case. Of course, if you’re born a little on the dim side, you can always study harder every year in school. This is done by selecting the school icon on the bottom left and selecting ‘Study Harder.’

You can improve your chances by popping into the library during downtime. This only pushes you further toward the bookish direction. If you can’t get a job as a writer once you finish high school, it might be time to put yourself into crippling debt and go to university. Try to study something related to literature.

Apply to be a writer

There are hundreds of jobs to choose from in BitLife, from the mundane to the totally bizarre (worm picker). The list you are offered each year is entirely random, so you may have to do a few re-rolls to get the job of Writer. If you don’t get it the first time, never fear; try again next time.

Write some best-selling books in BitLife

As a writer, you will start to write books. A few of these books will become best sellers and begin to gain traction. Get enough of these under your belt, and you’ll become a Famous Author and start raking in fame and money.

Bear in mind that it takes time to write books and even longer for them to become best-selling books in BitLife. So it may take a few years and even a few playthroughs to get it down.


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